Why doth the earth bear thee…

Why doth the earth bear thee, but to seek and serve the Lord? Why doth it afford thee its fruits, but to serve him? Why doth the air afford you breath, but to serve him? Why do all the creatures serve thee with their labours and their lives, but that thou mightst serve the Lord of them and thee? Why doth he give thee time, and health, and strength, but for to serve him? Why hast thou meat, and drink, and clothes, but for his service? Hast thou any thing which thou hast not received? And, if thou didst receive them, it is reason thou shouldst bethink thee, from whom, and to what end and use, thou didst receive them. Didst thou never cry to him for help in thy distress? And didst thou then understand that it was thy part to turn and serve him if he would deliver thee? He hath done his part, and spared thee yet longer, and tried thee another and another year; and yet dost thou not turn?

…Why hast thou reason, but to rule thy flesh, and serve thy Lord? Why hast thou an understanding soul, but to learn and know his will and do it? Why hast thou a heart within you that can love, and fear, and desire, but that thou shouldst fear him, and love him, and desire after him?”
(Richard Baxter,
A Call to the Unconverted to Turn and Live)



  1. Doug

    This is a good reminder of who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

    Ecc 12:13 The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.

  2. Paul

    Why is it that man sacrifices life for knowledge when it is inherent in him? He need only ask. How far is he come , that he should glory in any work? All his buildings will be destroyed and crumble in time. His wealth melts like ice in the sun. He who is clothed with silk and linen and worshiped will be naked , forgotten and return to the earth. What has knowledge and discovery brought him but disillusionment and despair.

    He, who does not know his identity disavows the Creator; perverts justice and conforms to it. His wisdom abjures peace and law because it ridicules the perfected work of CHrist. They fear nothing. Their freedom is shamelessness and they arrogantly demand from man what God has not ordained..

    He, that is created to be child of the Creator to preserve creation and accept an inheritance beyond this world and serve righteousness has exalted himself in vanity and glories in false gods and destruction. He is preordained the light of the world . But darkness is his light and truth he has traded for flattery and lies and artificial glory , that soon passes, which he esteems above God’s inheritance. This world has known no greater darkness nor more unrighteousness ; he is perfected in his smile.

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