Can Christians Be Nationalists? Part 1: What Is Nationalism?

Following the success of Donald Trump and his “America First” platform, the great political issue of the day has become the conflict between nationalism and globalism. This conflict is not limited to the United States, as can be seen from the Brexit vote in the UK and the continued growth of nationalist movements around the world. Christians must make a thorough investigation of the issue and decide where God wants us to stand.

Although the mainstream media has only begun covering the conflict recently, the friction between nationalism and globalism has been growing for years. On the side of the globalists we find the United Nations, the Democrat Party, many of the major Republican donors and Washington insiders, Marxist intellectuals, radical environmentalists, big-government socialists, all of the major newspapers, all of the major TV networks, and all of the Hollywood liberals. On the side of the nationalists we find the mass of Republican voters, constitutionalists, patriots, and small business owners. Given the groups that support the globalist cause, one would think that picking sides in this conflict would be easy choice for conservative Christians.

But this clear-cut decision has been unnecessarily confused by misguided Christians who think that Biblical religion can somehow join forces with the modern day globalist Babel that is seeking to bring about a totalitarian, secular order. Much of the confusion surrounding globalism and nationalism comes from a misunderstanding of key terms and concepts. By analyzing these terms and by looking at what the Bible says about politics we can find an answer to this pressing question.

The first key term to understand is “nationalism.” In the context of the current struggle between nationalism and globalism, nationalism simply means a belief that separate nations should exist as sovereign, independent cultural and political units. Globalists both within the Church and in the mainstream media frequently repeat the lie that nationalism is somehow inherently based on “hatred” or “aggression,” or that nationalism will inevitably lead to war, but this is not the case. Indeed, the historical record is full of atrocities and genocides committed by the followers of globalist ideologies such as Communism and Islam. Furthermore, nationalists believe that national sovereignty grants all men the greatest possible share of personal fulfillment and prosperity. Nationalism is the necessary corollary of the traditional American belief in independence, federated authority and self-sufficiency. Bringing individuals under the consolidated rule of distant, meddling bureaucrats does not promote prosperity on the national level, and it certainly does not work any better on the international level.

The next term to look at is “globalism.” Globalism is the belief that it is always a good thing to erode national sovereignty and cultural distinctions. Those who favor globalism cheer every new power that the United Nations or European Union assume for themselves. They cheer every new “global warming” treaty that removes autonomy from individuals and small businesses. They cheer every new form of political correctness that turns conservative Christians into thought criminals. They have an unwavering faith in the idea that adding more regulations, more bureaucracy, and more standardization can only result in greater happiness for mankind.

When approaching the nationalist/globalist conflict from a Christian perspective, we must first consider carefully what type of globalist order is being built. It should be obvious to even the most casual observer that the chief proponents and financial backers of the new globalist system are extremely hostile towards Christianity. There can be no serious doubt that if the globalist system continues on its current trajectory, we will be living under a thoroughly anti-Christian order.


  1. Paul

    To refer to the sententious, “they cheer new form of political correctness , that should make conservative Christian thought criminals.” So must one become a thought criminal.

    All this isms is a lie. Their plans are conspiracies against Christ and reasonable man , who preserves highest quality of life. But man is not the enemy; the Creator and Jesus Christ is.

    In an episode in 2nd Book of Moses , Moses strikes a rock with his staff to find water. This was disobedience ; he was commanded to speak to the rock.

    The Hebrew want to prove they can destroy the world by speaking to it. They mock God. Today words are freely spoken in blasphemy and in the vainglorious self glorification of this lawless mind , that censors truth, makes perversion good and punishes violations of their lex non scripto .The truth is condemned with indefensible Anti-Semitism , that protects the Hebrews and give them powers to arbitrarily destroy law and invent blasphemy and insults in its place.

    Holycost is the religion of a world ,that has disavowed all law and truth and conforms obediently to unacceptable indiscrimination.. All are sinners and greatest hope is atonement with inflated money like the old JEwish law. There is no forgiveness. They are implacable gods and we are inexpiable, unclean sinners. They spit on us and it is our delight. They create new female in pornography conceived by a reprobate , and the new penitent relieve themselves in infanticide from burden of sin and others into contrived wars to die for idols , that require much sacrifice but in America are dispossessed life , liberty and happiness.

    How is it believing in Christ’s Kingdom is foolishness and yet they tolerate these abominations?!

    Holycost and their mysterious, longsuffering millions of its grieving survivors is the new gospel. Their own divinely conceived land of light and hope they have abjured . The new kingdom of darkness is the Anti-Christ in the accursed and shameless Israel. They have spoken.

  2. Doug

    Nationalism is a method of best organizing people to seek after God. Globalism is organizing people to seek after man. We can see this distinction in the Biblical account man’s reorganization at the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9.

    Genesis 11:4 describes it well,” And they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower whose top is in the heavens; let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth.” Further in verse 6 God declares,” Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.” I take from this truth that when man is one (under one earthly rule (Nimrod)) they will automatically seek and work toward their own desires (sins-pride) rather than God’s.

    In verse 8 “…the Lord scattered them…” and in verse 9 again “…the Lord scattered them…” reminds us of God way and will for the arrangement of mankind. We see this plan described in Numbers 23:9, Deut 32:8, Psalm 74:17, and Acts 17:26. God tells us (Christians, who really have no excuse of ignorance) that man is made in inhabit the entire earth (spread out), separated by groups, groups determined by race, groups further delineated by tribe then family. Nationalism is God’s plan given to man to live in creation for His glory and his (man’s) secure propagation in God-given distinctive.

    Christians must realize that God’s arrangement for man under human rule is under many nation states and His arrangement of man under Christ’s rule is under only One.

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