Rome, Christianity and the Alt-Right

Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars recently got into a Twitter debate with a professional historian over the racial makeup of Roman Britain.

The debate started with Watson posting a still image from a BBC animation depicting a Negro Roman soldier and his family, complaining that the BBC had chosen political correctness over historical accuracy. Professional historian Mike Stuchbery responded to Watson by claiming that the Roman soldiers posted in Britain were ethnically diverse.

A typical family in Roman Britain, according to the BBC.

The debate over the whiteness of ancient Rome is significant for the Alt-Right, because so many Alt-Right figures have lauded the Imperium Romanum as a model for the future.

First, let us look at the specific claims made by Watson and Stuchbery. Stuchbery is technically correct in saying that Roman soldiers from throughout the Empire could have found themselves in Britain. But despite being very ethnically diverse, most of the nations absorbed by the Roman empire bordered the Mediterranean. The Roman empire never extended south of the Sahara and never contained any significant number of Negro citizens. So while Stuchbery is technically correct in saying that it is possible that there was a full-blooded Negro serving in the army in Roman Britain, Watson is also completely correct in saying that the choice of portraying a Negro family is political. There is absolutely no way that the family shown by the BBC is representative of the population of Roman Britain, and it is clear that the BBC made its decision as part of an effort to denigrate and displace whiteness in Britain. If Negroes lived in Britain thousands of years ago, why not let millions of them in today?

As to the question of whether or not white nationalists can claim Greco-Roman civilization for themselves, I think the answer is yes. Although they did not have a clear understanding of race, both the ancient Greeks and Romans were white themselves and their cultural achievements were characteristic of the white race. Although the Romans grew more corrupt as history progressed and they absorbed racial aliens into their state, the original genius of the people was white.

But despite its white origins there still remains a serious question when it come to Rome, the Alt-Right and Christian nationalism. The Roman empire, although white, was completely degenerate from the age of the first Caesars. Rome was centered on idolatrous emperor worship, it indulged in the worst forms of sexual perversion, it celebrated murder as a form of entertainment in gladiatorial games, it allowed infanticide, and it was strangled by unchecked usury. Worst of all it was the great persecutor of the Church.

If we look at the religious and moral views of leading Alt-Right figures like Richard Spencer, a revived Roman Empire is something that would likely be just as hostile to the Church as the current Jewish system.


  1. Doug

    BBC – Bash Biblical Christianity

    “If Negroes lived in Britain thousands of years ago, why not let millions of them in today?” could also be asked “If Negroes lived in Britain thousands of years ago, where did they all go?”

    Christians in the alt-right better be careful what they wish for. A new nationalist governmental design based on humanistic doctrine and desire is what we suffer from today. They only difference is you will be familiar with the one who steps on your neck. Prov 28:14 “A ruler who lacks understanding is a great oppressor…” and Prov 29:2 “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.”

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