Trump and MS-13: Why Globalists Think Civic Nationalism Is ‘Racist’

During a recent speech to law enforcement personnel President Trump singled out the brutal Salvadoran gang MS-13:

“Together we’re going to restore safety to our streets and peace to our communities and we’re going to destroy the vile, criminal cartel MS-13 and many other gangs,” Trump said…

“They kidnap. They extort. They rape and they rob,” Trump said. “They stomp on their victims. They beat them with clubs, they slash them with machetes, and they stab them with knives. They have transformed peaceful parks and beautiful quiet neighborhoods into bloodstained killing fields. They’re animals.”

No one in the mainstream media is denying that MS-13 is guilty of such acts. Nor is it possible to say that Trump’s comments are “racist” in the strict sense of the word. Trump has not made any comments about Central Americans being genetically distinct from European Americans, nor has he even suggested that Salvadoran culture has anything to do with the creation of MS-13.

Trump’s speech merely hinted at the mildest form of civic nationalism as he endorsed the idea that a country has the right to deport non-citizens who commit violent crimes.

But even these mild comments were enough to get a CNN commentator to declare that Trump’s speech promoted “white nationalism”:

CNN’s “Republican” pundit Margaret Hoover accused President Donald Trump of blatantly appealing to “white nationalists” when Trump vowed to destroy the MS-13 gang…

[S]he quickly emphasized the “political move” that she thought Trump was making. “But there is a political move here to highlight … people who aren’t white, I think minorities, and to feed part of this really white nationalist, political support of Donald Trump,” she said.

Civic nationalists often poke fun at what they view as the deranged reaction of globalists to any move that aims to strengthen our borders. But simply poking fun at their reactions misses the point. Globalists have a religious commitment to eroding all national sovereignty and distinctions. Ultimately distinctions between human groups based on language, culture or national origin are just as “evil” in their eyes as distinctions based on race. The globalists will not be content until all of humanity is living under one government and all immigration laws have been completely abolished. It does not matter to them if this means thousands of people will be victimized by violent gangs. That is just collateral damage on the road to the utopia of human unity.



  1. Paul

    “we” have been importing , subsidizing and protecting socio-paths for ever . They have more representation in the sepulcher of Washington than their host victims , who find grief or redress unrequited in church or state. Even if these improvised predators were not janissary of Washington all are governed by UN and its another internal “conflict ” ,that has been used “for peace” since its unlawful conception .

    Although politicians are lawless breed of opportunists and traitors one must lay the real responsibility at the feet of the American electorate. They have generously given refuge to these invading armies in their sanctuary cities and never grieve over many “American” , who have been dispossessed of holy life in this anonymous war, or have been maimed or assaulted by this diversity deception.

    If Donald Trump has known this , are all his predecessors blissfully ignorant?! Were any President (or congress) really serious any defense of the invader (CNN) would find swift retribution, would it not? Their playing politics again to disparage the American Law and sacrificing its once sovereign people.

    Is it more “American” to be subjected to lawless rapine, depredation and betrayal with the superfluous insult of financing our own destruction from blood thirsty, machete swinging mercenaries instead of unseen destruction by the officially approved , sterile, remote , drone bombs ?

  2. Doug

    Clement, good post.
    Paul, valuable reply.
    Now I would like to swing the bat…

    1) While I am thankful Herr Trump brought forward the satanic presence and workings of MS-13 and forced its bitter reality into the mouths of the (((lame-stream media))), I wish he would have also publicly cautioned that MS-13 is only one of a myriad of non-indigenous, ethnic-based, openly criminally gangs allowed to operate inside American borders. (Interestingly almost all of the 30,000 gangs recognized in the US are racially-based.) The distinction I would make with all these gangs is that those comprised of illegal aliens should have the highest priority of political attention, the greatest legal suppression, and the most societal rejection afforded. It must also be recognized that these non-indigenous-gangs are here purposefully, not only for satisfying their members wicked intents but also to act unaware as tools to further the goals of our (((rulers))), particularly for our (i.e. white, Christian, American) deterioration, displacement and final decimation. The government could act appropriately more draconian (declare war) against these evil interlopers, but they never have and never will. MS-13 provides an effect (((they))) could not achieve within the limitations of our societal acceptance or current laws.

    2) Clements writes, “Trump’s speech merely hinted at the mildest form of civic nationalism as he endorsed the idea that a country has the right to deport non-citizens who commit violent crimes.” Isn’t it sad that this is where we find ourselves today. We have to beg our government to protect us not from the illegal foreign elements in our lands but just the most heinous of them. And even this will fall on deaf ears.

    3) (((CNN’s))) [aka FAKE NEWS] “Republican” pundit Margaret Hoover is a anti-Christian zealot. She has no hesitation to advocate for any and all of Satan’s destructive methods in defiling God’s glory. She is a strong proponent for sodomy, feminism, and humanism. It is not surprising for her or (((CNN))) to obfuscate truth and issue irrational conflations, this is what their kind (worldly, evil, antichrist) do. In addition, all should be aware, as it is readily apparent, that she is a moron and what she insinuates is incredible and worthless.

    4) Clement writes, “Globalists have a religious commitment to eroding all national sovereignty and distinctions.” Fully agree. I would reiterate this as I too think many in the alt-right and those of the Kinist tradition mistakenly believe that our enemies (God’s enemies) are acting independent from their conceptional frameworks and thus can be considered less dangerous. This is not the case at all! These hooverites fully believe and have utter faith in these lies and will fall on the sword (though they would prefer us to fall first) for them to be realized.

    5) Clement writes, “…on the road to the utopia of human unity.” The lost are looking for something that they cannot see nor ever find. They are desperate to escape a reality that forces them to look into a future of perpetual despair and pointlessness. Christians too, once understood this emptiness but were given the remedy of an eternal adoption with Christ under God. We were blessed with God’s mercy and illuminated with His Truth and wisdom to escape from that hellish existence. The lost do not have this and even when we attempt to teach them, they completely and consciously reject it. Thus, their problem doesn’t go away, as it did when we became new beings (born-again), so they continue desperately searching through the catalogs of lies Satan readily proposes (they consider only lies as the one Truth they already denied). I can see how St.Paul’s heart ached for his fellow jews that were condemn to damnation as I remember that I was once like them and am only humbled by my salvation.

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