Can Christians Be Nationalists? Part 6: Are There Racial Differences?

There are many good reasons for reviving ethno-nationalism in America today. As we have seen, ethno-nationalism is the Biblical model for political organization, and it was the norm in America up until the 1960s. Ethno-nationalism also does a better job of fostering community, trust and solidarity than multiculturalism does. American society is becoming increasingly fractured, and this is largely due to the out of control non-white immigration we are experiencing. Entire neighborhoods have become “no go zones” for whites, and non-whites support the destructive socialist policies of the Democratic party by huge margins.

Another reason why reviving ethno-nationalism is so important is because of the undeniable differences that exist amongst the races. It is obvious from history and from observing contemporary society that racial differences are real. Different races consistently perform differently at a variety of physical and intellectual tasks when competing on a level playing field.

For example, blacks always perform more poorly than whites, Asians and Hispanics on standardized tests. There is no debate about this fact, even progressives recognize that it is true. The only question is why this disparity exists. Progressives will immediately say that “racism” is to blame for black failure. But this does not make any sense, because black intellectual achievement has not noticeably improved over the last 50 years since the Civil Rights era. Back in the 1960s progressives argued that black failure was due to discriminatory laws and practices. During this time it was made illegal to discriminate against blacks, and all races were on an equal playing field. But blacks still lagged far behind whites, so progressives instituted “affirmative action,” which is a fancy way of saying anti-white discrimination. But even with affirmative action, black performance still did not improve. So progressives invented concepts like “structural racism,” claiming that whenever blacks fail it is due to some secret, subconscious racism that exists somewhere in the system, even if they cannot identify where the racism is. Simply put, they assume their conclusion rather than proving it. In short, we have now had 50 years of government enforced equality and affirmative action, with millions upon millions of dollars spent on trying to improve black performance, with no success at all.

Many “colorblind” conservatives will rightly reject ideas like structural racism, but their explanations for black failure are equally untenable. These colorblind conservatives will say that black failure is due to an inferior black culture and/or the welfare mentality that has been instilled in blacks by Democrats. First of all, this answer must assume the inferiority of blacks in order to make any sense. Just like the progressives, the colorblind conservatives assume that blacks are totally at the mercy of whites. Progressives assume that if whites decide to be “racist” they can perpetually keep blacks in subjection, while colorblind conservatives assume that if whites decide to provide a welfare state blacks will perpetually be enslaved by it. In both theories it is assumed that blacks cannot improve their own lot without white assistance. How could this not be an argument in favor of black inferiority?

The colorblind conservative theory that black culture is to blame for black failure does not stand up to scrutiny either, because black failure is the same around the world in whatever culture blacks find themselves. Black nations in Africa lag behind the rest of the world. These nations have high crime, high poverty and poor academic achievement. Black immigrant communities in Europe have high crime, high poverty and poor academic achievement. And of course blacks in America, who have been assimilated to Anglo-American culture for centuries, have high crime, high poverty and poor academic achievement. How can you blame culture when blacks display the exact same deficiencies around the world no matter what language they speak or what culture they are living in? Let us contrast the universal failure of blacks with the universal high achievement of the Japanese. The Japanese living in Japan and in America are both known for high academic achievement and economic performance. Wherever the Japanese immigrate around the world they rise towards the top of society, while black immigrants always gravitate towards the bottom. In fact, one of the best predictors of how well different racial groups will perform is the level of civilization that has been reached in their home countries. People from countries where their ancestors were still hunter-gatherers or had not yet invented the wheel when whites made contact with them tend to do poorly, even after centuries of assimilation. The Japanese and other Asian races are quite successful in America despite the fact that up through the 20th century we had laws discriminating against Asians. When racial discrimination became illegal, Asians rose to the top of society while blacks stayed at the bottom.

A blind belief in racial equality has become so ingrained in our society that it is very rarely questioned, and when it is questioned the globalists are quick to level the totally irrational charge of “racism.” The globalists instantly resort to name calling for the simple fact that there is zero evidence in favor of racial equality. Throughout history and in contemporary society different races have performed unequally. There is absolutely no reason to assume that all races could become completely equal in achievement, and indeed the burden of proof is on those who believe that total equality is possible. At best, racial egalitarianism is nothing more than an unverified theory until, for instance, a majority black country reaches first world standards, or black American neighborhoods become indistinguishable from white neighborhoods. Total racial equality has never been observed. There is no evidence from history or contemporary society to suggest that all races can become completely equal in achievement. Believing in total racial equality is an article of faith in the globalist religion of total human unity.


  1. Doug

    Clement writes, “Ethno-nationalism also does a better job of fostering community, trust and solidarity than multiculturalism does.” I would argue that no nation has been established or maintained, let alone thrived, as a multicultural entity. In recent geopolitical history, man has artificially attempted to create this, but has been utterly unsuccessful. Currently our (((leaders))) are forcing a mixed multitude into singular countries. As we can literally see, this hasn’t worked and as we can easily prognosticate, it will never work. Man will naturally (via man’s natural behavior) always have a melting pot that boils over. Creating a country-hardly; creating a nation-never!

    Clement writes, “…and non-whites support the destructive socialist policies of the Democratic party by huge margins.” I would forward an edit to this- Republicratic party.

    Clement writes, “Different races consistently perform differently at a variety of physical and intellectual tasks when competing on a level playing field.” It is laughable that man recognizes and exploits this in all other animal species to his gain but blindfolds his eyes from human differences to his peril.

    Clement writes, “Progressives will immediately say that “racism” is to blame for black failure.” Strange that this phenomena is consistent even in those countries where blacks never engaged with the white imperialist (Ethiopia and Liberia).

    Clement writes, “In both theories it is assumed that blacks cannot improve their own lot without white assistance.” While it is also well known that blacks cannot improve their own lot WITH white assistance too. For almost half a century the countries of Africa have been given hundreds of billions of dollars in aid by the West. More billions were even lent to their governments. Massive tons of food have flooded the continent, and armies of consultants, experts, and administrators have swarmed over Africa to solve its problems. Yet the state of development in Africa is no better now than before all this started.

    Clement writes, “…even after centuries of assimilation.” There is your problem! Blacks don’t and can’t assimilate into any other culture or context other than the lowest ones (their own) and so will never demonstrate the achievements of other races who migrate to the west. This is also now being seen with Muslim migrants in Europe.

    Clement writes, “…there is zero evidence in favor of racial equality.” In fact, the evidence only points to racial inequalities for every group and every parameter.

  2. Paul

    Black people have changed through the social and moral rebellion of the post war decades. But once in the segregation era they had the virtues of family, work , peace and security of order. But necessarily subordinate and separate from whites. They emulated white , Christian moral codes, were more respectful and consequently earned self respect.

    Blacks cultivated white values and through Sartorius dressing and manners were benefited with a better life. Then suddenly forced to disavow this and become black. What is black? ANother revolution?

    The Jew, who created it knew exactly what would happen.. Most blacks live on subsidies or perpetual entitlements instead of wages while enjoying an equality that is not justifiable . Black has an artificial, contrived definition represented by athletes , presidents, politicians, actors and generals. Few become physicians and teachers ,most are a decadent mass in the deformed belly of the corpse , called America. Who profits .

    WHites are taught to worship them and the truth of blackness and their real identity is concealed . Only the onerous , economic burden and unreported crimes , which now rival the Mau Mau have any true report of what this blackness means.

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