Can Christians Be Nationalists? Part 10: Isn’t Nationalism Hateful and Prideful?

Another charge frequently leveled against Christian nationalists is that our position is hateful and prideful. Once again, these anti-nationalist arguments are inconsistent and illogical.

No Christian would consider it hateful or prideful to recognize the objective fact that some individuals are more intelligent than others, that some people are more physically gifted than others, or that some people are wealthier than others. No Christian would even consider it sinful to recognize that some countries are more powerful and more successful than others. So all Christians agree that simply recognizing observable differences in ability is perfectly alright in all other cases, but as soon as race is brought up as a factor in human differences suddenly it is hate and pride! There is no Scriptural basis for this completely inconsistent method of reasoning. The Bible commands us to be humble and loving in all areas of life, and the Bible also leaves us free to recognize all objective differences in human ability without committing sin. It is no more sinful for a teacher to rank the students in his class by academic achievement than it is for us to rank the different races and nations in ability.

Many “colorblind” conservatives acknowledge that we should fight to retain our national sovereignty, and that there should be strict requirements for citizenship, but that ancestry should not be one of them. These conservatives, many of them Christians, suddenly say that discriminating against foreigners because of their race is “hate” when these same conservatives advocate discriminating against foreigners because of their language and culture. Conservatives will say that in order to become citizens, foreigners should learn English, adopt American culture, and pledge allegiance to the Constitution, but these requirements are all forms of discrimination. Even if some people refuse to learn English or adopt American culture, God still requires us to love them, although He does not require us to grant them citizenship. Where does the Bible say that it is perfectly okay to treat someone differently because of his language or culture, but that it is the horrible sin of “hatred” to treat someone differently because of his ancestry? We can see that the colorblind conservatives and the civic nationalists occupy an inconsistent, contradictory position half way between globalism and genuine ethno-nationalism. The colorblind conservatives use the exact same arguments against the reality of race that the globalists use against the continued existence of separate, independent nation states. There is no good logical reason for why it is “hate” to discriminate by ancestry but not hate to discriminate by national origin.

We also must point out the total absurdity of labeling certain political opinions as “hate.” Hate is an emotion felt by some people on all sides of every issue. There are no such things as “hateful” policies. Nor is hate even necessarily a bad thing. After all, Christians are required to hate sin and evil doctrines.


  1. Doug

    I agree with what Clement contends here. But…

    Clement writes, “The Bible commands us to be… loving in all areas of life…” and “…God still requires us to love them…”. When I read of the promotion (even the proper promotion) of Biblical love I feel reflexively compelled to provide a counter balance of God’s self-described nature which is often neglected in contemporary Christianity. So here I go, off on a tangent again.

    In both Old and New Testaments we read of God revealing His attribute of hate, often recognized as Holy hate. This is described variously in the many translations as Bitter, Rage, Anger, Hostile, Abhor, Spite, Revulsion, Repulse, Disgust, Detest, Abomination, Displease, Despise, Enemy, Enmity, Loathe, Revenge, Vengeance, Repugnance, Indignation, Wrath, etc. Think of the Flood. Think of Sodom. Think of the destruction of Judah. Think of the Final Judgment? Man hates imperfectly, God does not. This is the same with all our characteristics endowed in us. For instance, we love imperfectly (we lust, we pollute it with selfishness, etc.), God does not. God knows all about a man and will hate a soul that He proclaims is utterly abominable in His sight. Man does not have this capability and so we are oft cautioned in Scripture about exercising hate toward others. But there are times and conditions where it is not sinful to hate. We can read King David promise to God in Psalms; that he would hate God’s enemies with a perfect hate. We can read King Solomon’s wisdom in Ecclesiastics on the proper time to hate, kill, and do warfare. I often tell young Christians, “God is love, but not only love.” He is not uni-faceted. He is infinitely holy and just. Does a only loving God cast the lost into eternal damnation as a form of loving discipline or as a punishment that knows no equal based on judgment with perfect love and hate?

    If God hates, can it be essentially sinful or evil? No. Nor is our hate necessarily a bad thing. Corrupted hate easily expressed by fallen man is sin, but a necessary hate, for God’s glory, I argue is not. After all, Christians are required to hate sin and evil doctrines. We are to hate this world. We are to treat anything that impairs our relationship with God with a contempt to the degree of hate (…”if anyone does not hate his father and mother…”).

    From a pure philosophical consideration, how can one love if one can not hate? In fact, love demands hate. These are inseparable. If you love someone, you hate whatever threatens them. Equally, the more you love someone, the more you must hate anyone set out to destroy them.

    We are made in God’s image and thus we have His attributes, though not perfected as He, we have faces and reflections of these, including His proper hatred for evil and evil doers. This is especially true once we are made as a new creation in Christ and become even more like Him.

    Let me suffocate the debate with the following:
    God reveals hate as one of His attributes –
    Rev 19:15
    Rev 18:20
    Psa 94:1-2
    Exo 20:5
    Psa 45:7
    Deut 12:31
    Deut 16:22
    Amos 5:21
    Isa 61:8
    Mal 2:16
    Mal 1:3
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    Prov 20:10,23
    Prov 8:13
    Psa 2:4-12
    Psa 38:1-3
    Lev 18:22,29
    Prov 15:8-9,26
    Isa 1:13
    Deut 23:18
    Luke 16:15
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    Ezk 22:11
    Deut 32:16
    Deut 18:9
    Jer 13:27
    Deut 7:25
    Rom 12:19
    Psa 7:11
    Psa 78:38
    Col 3:6

    God reveals His hatred toward people-
    John 3:36
    Psa 5:5-6
    Lev 20:23
    Prov 6:16-19
    Hos 9:15
    Rom 8:8
    2 Thes 1:6-9
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    Lam 4
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    1 John 2:15-17

    God reveals His will for man to hate-
    Prov 11:15
    Psa 119:104,113,128,158,163
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    God reveals His will for man to hate people-
    Isa 63:2-6
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    Psa 139:21-22
    Psa 101:8
    Luke 14:26

    This list is far from comprehensive, yet still it demonstrates the point we so often find uncomfortable and contrary to our skewed teachings of God. I try to take what opportunities avail themselves in reminding believers that God is perfect in His eyes and will not be someone we would like Him to be.

    I would like to know if others think of this?

  2. Doug

    Tomorrow is the 13th anniversary of the Beslan massacre in Russia. Most should be aware of what happened, but if not, look at (Google translate if wished). Almost 200 children were murdered at school and almost 400 more injured.

    Why do I post this here? I, a servant of Jesus Christ with a heart God knows fully, wish to say, “I hate these terrorists!”

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