Can Christians Be Nationalists? Part 14: Has The Christian Right Failed?

In the 1960s, the Left and the globalists won a stunning victory over traditional America. During this decade the definition of morality was turned completely upside down, as fornication, abortion, homosexuality, drug use and Marxist socialism became mainstream. In reaction to these abominations, conservative Christians began to organize politically, forming what came to be known as the “Christian Right” or the “moral majority.”

In many ways the Christian Right has been quite successful. The platform of the Republican party has been largely shaped by the Christian Right, and the Republican party has made great advances in consolidating the white vote.

But despite this seeming success, the Christian Right continues to lose every battle in the culture war. Abortion and gay “marriage” are guaranteed as “constitutional rights,” while Christians are increasingly persecuted. What can account for this failure? The answer is quite simple: demographics. Whites are the only significant racial group in America that votes Republican. The black and brown races vote Democrat. As whites become a smaller and smaller percentage of the American population, there will be no hope for pursuing a godly political agenda. Democrats will frequently gloat about this fact, mocking the GOP for being “old and white” and celebrating the fact that Republican voters are being replaced by non-white immigrants.

If only white votes had been counted over the last few decades, abortion would already be illegal, the traditional definition of marriage would still be intact, and big government socialist programs would not stand a chance in Congress. The Christian Right has been phenomenally successful at pushing the Republican party in the right direction on social issues, and at consolidating white support for the GOP at the ballot box. The only major political failure of the Christian Right has been its refusal to deal honestly with the race issue.

The race issue is deeply tied to theology. Ethno-nationalism is the Biblical model for forming a state, and yet the Christian Right refuses to listen to the plain Scriptural teaching on this point. “Colorblind” Christian conservatives have decided that they know better than God when it comes to race and ethnicity. God is punishing this presumption by keeping political victory from the Christian Right.

Not only have colorblind conservatives rejected God’s model for the state, but in its place they have substituted the leftist belief in total racial equality. Destroying white identity was one of the main goals of the radical leftists of the 1960s. These leftists correctly saw that promoting racial equality was one of the most important weapons in the fight against traditional Christian civilization. They understood that increasing the number of non-whites in America would inevitably create a voting population incredibly hostile to the founding vision of this country.

The Christian Right has failed because on one key issue, the issue of race, it has clung to the Marxist fantasy that all humans can be made exactly the same. If you actually care about stopping homosexual “marriage,” abortion and the persecution of Christians, then you must support actual political solutions based on a Biblical understanding of nationalism and the wisdom of our ethno-nationalist founding fathers. What is more important to you, actually reversing the decline of our civilization, or not being called a “racist” by demonic leftists who hate God and His law?

And finally, as a note to any non-white Christians who agree with us on social issues, you should look in the mirror and understand what your co-ethnics are doing. Non-white Christians need to admit to themselves that black and brown voters are the ones keeping the abortion clinics open. They need to focus on changing the minds of their own people, not guilting white Christians into making apologies for what their ancestors may have done hundreds of years ago.


  1. Paul

    The Christian Right is probably a leftist (Israeli) improvisation. Ja, they mourn and pray and make remonstration against the god given government , but has it helped? Their leaders degrade themselves before their Jew suzerain .

    Is it a mystery , that this document’s precept of racism or positive racialism is condemned by Christian Right and the Israeli censorship of original indiscrimination is their doctrine. Another conspiracy , since it is a subversive invention from beginning.

    Is the Christian Right not the typical method of Marxist disinformation ? Have they helped ? George Busch was a great impostor. President Trump using delay and compromise strategy . Abortion is legal but will always be a fruit of lawlessness like the mentioned above fornication , adultery and miscegenation ; all malignant , social inventions to finance amorality from those Christ has already judged. Shall we behoove the privilege to be associated with them?

    It’ s appropriate for the Christian Right that the representative should be a Jew comedian , obscenely celebrating demise and decadence of yet another Christian culture with their filthy innuendo and shameless blasphemy. Let the christian saints better march with their Israeli flag and star of Astarte.

  2. Doug

    I couldn’t have said it better than Paul. My hat off to you fine sir!

    God said then, “Let My people go, that they may serve Me!” I say today, “Let my people know, that they may stop serving ZOG!”

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