Can Christians Be Nationalists? Part 15: What Will Majority Non-White America Look Like?

If we could ask one thing of those conservative Christians who denounce nationalism, it would be this: seriously picture in your own mind what America will look like when whites no longer make up a majority of the population.

American society has been in serious decline for the last fifty years, but the decline will only accelerate as the racial composition of the country continues to change. Demographers predict that whites will no longer be a majority in America by 2050, if not earlier. Once that has happened, there will never be another conservative in the White House. Every Supreme Court Justice will be a radical leftist and globalist. The Constitutional rights to freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the right to bear arms will all disappear. Churches that refuse to accept the leftist social agenda will be persecuted by the state. Homeschooling will be banned, and the state will likely remove children from the homes of conservative Christian parents. The public schools will relentlessly push transgenderism and homosexuality. Border enforcement will completely cease, and Hispanic cartels will operate without resistance throughout the country. Growing Muslim communities will become autonomous zones governed by Sharia law, from which terror attacks can be launched with impunity. Our infrastructure and public amenities will crumble to Third World levels as the government wastes billions upon billions of dollars in its pursuit of total racial equality.

If the Democrats are able to secure a permanent majority in the federal government, then this will be our future. There is absolutely no reason to believe that non-white voting trends will change anytime soon. Even the Republicans who do the most to pander to illegal immigrants and other minority groups get slaughtered by Democrats at the polls because the Democrats always offer more handouts. The colorblind conservatives who tell us year after year that we will win the Hispanic vote next time are deluding themselves. Nationalism is the only political option that can realistically restore Christian America, and when conservative Christians denounce nationalism, they are helping to build the socialist nightmare.



  1. Doug

    You never find these colorblind conservatives (worse are the cucked christians) living in the hood. Why don’t they diversify their neighborhoods and leave mine alone?

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