It is God who has placed love in man

It is God who has placed love in man, and it is God who shall decide in every case what is love. But when a friend, a beloved, lovers, and associates notice that you want to learn from God what it is to love instead of learning from them, they will very likely say to you, “Spare yourself. Give up this eccentricity. Why take life so seriously? Cut out the straining, and we will live a beautiful, rich, and significant life in friendship and joy.” And if you give in to the suggestions of this false friendship, you will be loved and praised for your love. But if you will not, if in loving you will be a traitor neither to God nor to yourself nor to the others, you must expect to be called selfish. For your conviction that truly to love oneself is to love God and that to love another man is to help him to love God, for this conviction your friend will very likely not care much. Even if you say nothing, he notices, you may be sure, that your life contains, if it is truly related to God's demand, and admonition, a demand on him—it is this which he wants to do away with.”
(Soren Kierkegaard, Works of Love)


  1. Paul

    Love is first taught in the gospel ,” not to love as those around you , but love as I love .” Love is a common word; but it is little understood even less have we consumed it. Not that I presume to know. Behold the earth. I can say it is loveless. And so is the atmosphere of perdition , a place and time without love.

    Kierkegaard lived in a world , that had stolen the treasures of heaven and presumed to be right to possess them. But the truth will find you out.

    Thanks to Mr. Pulaski for this. When one finds a need for sound confession in literature one can begin reading Kierkegaard again.

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