Laura Ingraham Inches Towards Ethno-Nationalism

For years Democrats and liberals have boasted about how the demographic transformation of the country will lead them to total victory. The infamous Newsweek cover following Obama’s defeat of Romney declared that the GOP was too “old and white” to compete against the emerging non-white majority.

Shockingly, mainstream conservatives have clung to the fantasy that this demographic transformation was not a threat to traditional Americanism. I say that this is shocking because all data on voting trends and political opinions show that the growing third-world population in America overwhelmingly supports leftist candidates and policies.

Now, perhaps thanks to Trump’s willingness to break PC taboos, some conservatives are beginning to state the obvious: the influx of third-world immigrants is part of a deliberate plan to destroy traditional America.

From Breitbart:

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Watters World,” Fox News Channel host and conservative radio talker Laura Ingraham offered her theory on why Democrats were unwilling to support a border wall and were for sanctuary city policies, especially in the wake of the verdict from a San Francisco jury that found illegal alien Jose Ines Garcia Zarate not guilty for the killing of Kate Steinle.

Ingraham told host Jesse Watters much of it has to do with Democrats seeking a demographic shift that is more in line with their policies…

INGRAHAM: I think the real reason ultimately, Jesse, is they want to replace the current electorate in the United States with a new electorate…

So, I think the Democrats want the replace, you know, the old, white yaahoo conservatives with a new group of people who might be more amenable to big government and don’t necessarily have a big affection for the Second Amendment or the Constitution.

And a lot of Republicans don’t want to secure the border because they want the cheap labor.

Ingraham is correct is citing the alliance between Democrats and the pro-cheap labor Republicans, although she leaves out an important component of the immigration invasion: the violent, genocidal hatred that many non-white immigrants have towards white Americans.

This hatred is demonstrated by the recent controversy surrounding an opinion piece written in a Texas student newspaper. The piece, written by a Mestizo activist, is titled “Your DNA is an abomination,” and included lines such as: “white death will mean liberation for all … accept this death as the first step toward defining yourself as something other than the oppressor…Until then, remember this: I hate you because you shouldn’t exist. You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other cultures, upon meeting you, die.” The immigrants who hold such attitudes are being used as the ideological vanguard against the historic American nation.

In her comments Ingraham is inching towards the truth that ethno-nationalism is necessary for the future of the country. There is only one logical conclusion to be drawn from the present circumstances: if the Democrats are the party of immigration invasion and ethnic replacement, then in order to survive the Republicans must become the party of white preservation.



  1. Paul

    Jose Garcia Zarate is an interesting story in that the media chose to publish it. Not to disparage the murder of a San Francisco lover , who chose to dwell in the emerald , sanctuary city but this is one of the multitude of victim throughout continental USA. Certainly most before have never learned of their names. Even several years ago an ambitious candidate , J.D. Hayworth published the thousands of casualties of this unacknowledged war. It did help him; not in Arizona . The affirmation for this obvious genocide are the sanctuary cities.

    Shedding of innocent blood becomes just another clanging cymbal when innocence is anachronistic and bloodshed a political staple. Perhaps the silence is necessary because there are so many. Even in this state I live with fewer ” illegal aliens” I remember of a young child murdered by the Mexican invaders , invisible to our many security bureaucracies , which I had to learn in a free press paper , published in North Carolina.

    Death of mostly white “AMericans” does not concern our loving sentinels in DC nor their satraps in the states , nor any one else evidently. This Ingraham, no doubt another Ann COulter likes to report without making a deep impression. Perhaps it is nature of providence. This is another exaggeration of their interest in our life who are more interested in divining global warming but unwilling to discern the signs of the times very happy in their miserable, little worlds of unbelief. ” I piped but you would not dance. I sang hymns of grief but you would not weep. “

  2. Doug

    Though I see fleeting value Laura Ingraham’s opinion in Jessie Watters show recently, it is ultimately more effective for our enemies purposes.

    Ingraham constantly identifies the current and predicted problems in America as a natural political creation and usually assigns “generic democrats” to play the lone culprit. At least recently she has changed her tune and has been sharing the blame with “some select republicans types” as well. She now says there is an unholy alliance between these two opposition parties, dems and repubs, open borders and business people. She says, “These people, America, is who you are to turn your rage toward.”

    This is false. She is controlled opposition. Her’s is a deflection strategy.

    White Christians, do not listen to Ms. Ingraham’s false dichotomy charade. It is deception. Even as she now argues that immigration is deliberate and destructive and even if she is ultimately forced to suggest that the solution is ethno-nationalism, she hasn’t and won’t identify the real problem. In fact, it would please the (((puppet masters))) if she would encourage ethno-statism. As long as the real enemies are not identified and addressed, any revelation can be used for their purposes.

    By using her, the real enemies will have us balkanize into ethno-states (see Yugosalvia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, etc.) only to remain among us (we now as smaller weakened unions) in their usual clandestine character. No matter what solution we take, and I do advocate for ethnonationalism personally, it will be their purpose to remain misidentified and thereby allowed to continue to subvert us (a classic example of this is Ukraine’s Right Sector’s leader Borislav Bereza, who happens to be jewish).

    The only opinion offered of any worth to prevent the destruction of White Christians is to identify the real perpetrators of the our genocide. These are the children of the devil who have always, solely and subversively sought to destroy God’s people. Anything less than the blatant and repeated identification of this sect in all its forms in all societies is providing them time and cover to sink us faster. This is what Jesus did.

    We do not need the opinions of Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Mark Steyn, types not matter how close they sound to the truth. Even a one degree defection (as these commentators opinions at best are) still sends us miles off course once we have traveled our journey. We need only care about the truth and they will never offer it, but they will certainly stay close to it.

  3. Paul

    These critics, who benefit talking with the Devil are like government , who bring news always bad with a morbid smile. ANd who should be temporary until problems are solved not called to the permanent ministry of public spiritual health, which is now dominated by the most profane and vulgar opinions.

    They are worshipers of parties and represent them as a moral imperative. Since I’m here have never known government to solve anything, neither party. They have created problems and perpetuated them to a magnitude that is like narcosis of the debts (depths) and intoxicated with glory or delirious from desperation they swim deeper accumulating debt and sin until mercifully they will be crushed and justify their unforgiving creditor.

    Gospels is called good news but today I rarely (never) hear good tidings of great joy except the Christmas ,Weihnacht season , which is being censored universally . Therefore news is carried more as an insult of reminding us like chronic pain , who rules us!

    Their (media) scripted , messages are more sophistry to sound minds and to not be perceived essential so they let it be brought by dilettantes, dressed in traditional feminine clothing in poor taste wearing modest crucifixes in good taste round their necks , I assume for protection from evil spirits. Since they prefer to associate with those , whom they must criticize always smiling but feeling safe amongst vampires and other incubus and predators of the human soul.

    Coulter is a lawyer. I assume she no longer practices law. It is clear that, Laura Ingraham is well informed also of the casuistry that degenerated from juriceprudence But they are now educators , pretty, spontaneous with wit and if one exaggerates their importance a professor of disinformation.

    Lawyers usually circumvent law and I feel uneasy knowing she is our advocate for the holy second amendment; they have already surrendered all the others. I do not disagree with her as a citizen but that she is a lawyer.

    Would also like to believe in this ethnic nationalism but in this context the adversary prefers the jewish advent of ethnic cleansing , ostensibly to defer another holycost. Do you think they are the same?

    You understand I am not in the white race worshiping as many today. True, I can declare the best people in this God forsaken world are white, or were. I must also confess they are the worst . For the nice jewish people are not the cause . I do not consider these infections of the soul as living beings but an eternal, universal and inveterate constant . But many whites worship them and this makes them not just deluded but condemnable as traitors .

    I like reading people’s thoughts if they are honest. I suspect Coulter or Ingraham have too much in this world to sacrifice it with honesty. WHen they scream or weep or are disassociated from their amicable world with some attitude that is not incongruous to their cause then perhaps you may believe them; or at least listen.

    I have never heard of Mr. Steyn , but lastly I should admonish two white women with an old , German proverb: tell me with whom you associate and I’ll tell you , who you are.

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