YouTube Video: Stop Talking About Building A White Nation


“In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury.”– Proverbs 14:23

Hans and Anna Gygax discuss why we should stop talking about building “White Nations” and instead focus on building a solid foundation and solid frame structure for our people; the chief cornerstone being Jesus Christ.


  1. Doug

    Hans and Anna, great video. On point with good production value. You speak on a great truth.

    The attack by the enemy has been acutely focused on our White Christian families over the last 50 years. Ripping those that God had joined together and building barriers to keep our young men from their brides which He purposed for them. This is a great evil leveled against our entire people. Without these godly men uniting with these godly wives and forming the foundation of our homes, Church, community, and nation, we are losing these institutions which were once bastions of normalcy and stability. This is seen so dramatically today with the demise of our once great people, Church and nation. It is not replaceable or reproducible with dark hordes of muslim invaders as the home, Church, and nation blessed by God is the one formed by Him alone for Him alone. The world, White or not, will not realize this until it is too late.

    But we, White Christians, do know this and see this playing out. This video is essentially a call to arms, exhorting us to put on the full armor of God to fight the good fight and persevere until we are called home. The battle for God’s glory is not just offensive (wielding the sword by preaching the Word) but also defensive (laying a foundation and fortifying the home front). It is easier to tear down than to build up, and it is this that we White Christian men especially must be mindful of. It is easier to look for the enemy outside us than the one lurking inside us. To build a godly nation (surely greatness will follow) you will need to have the components that constitute it. Don’t put the cart before the horse. Build a Christian (yourself) first, then a Christian marriage, then a Christian family, then a Christian Church, then a Christian community, then a Christian nation, then a Christian world. God will ultimately do this with or without us, but He chooses to graciously include us in His plan. Why would we not strive to work in His ways for success rather than our own for ruin?

    Young men, God won’t send you a godly wife if you are not godly too. Why would He do that to her? Would He give her a snake when she asks for some bread? Men, be righteous, be courageous, be sacrificial, be holy, be Christ-like. Let God do His will, while you do His Word. Change what you are called and able to change. Let our Sovereign God handle the grand design. Keep your worries small and offer them to God. Wife and family are a consuming enterprise, you don’t need bigger mountains to climb. If what you desire is in God’s will, blessings come. If what you desire does not come, trust Him and don’t let the trials of life deny you the joy of Christ. That truly would be lead to a regretful life. Remember that God knows you and He knows what He is doing, be utterly thankful for that.

    We don’t NEED to make a godly nation. We already have one as Heaven is our home. Live as a citizen of such a holy place, of which you are now and forever. Your future wife and children are depending on you to do this!

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