Münchhausen: the Moral Failure of the Third Reich

Münchhausen is a German film from 1943 that was meant to be the crowning achievement of the National Socialist film industry.  The film is very impressive from a technical perspective; the sets, production values and special effects match anything that had been produced in American or Britain at the time. But the film is deeply disappointing from a moral perspective.

On the far-right World War II is generally presented as a struggle between the traditionalist Third Reich and the degenerate, Judaized allies. While there is much truth to this interpretation, Münchhausen shows how far the Third Reich was from a traditional, Christian morality, as the film is in fact much more degenerate than anything that was being produced in Jewish Hollywood in the 1940s.

The film tells the story of the womanizing 18th century Baron Münchhausen who goes on a series of fantastic adventures in his quest for excitement and amorous conquests. The Satanic magician Cagliostro grants the Baron eternal youth, which allows the latter to extend his debauchery indefinitely. His conquests include courtesans, princesses and even Empress Catherine the Great.

Throughout the film, which even includes multiple nude scenes, the Baron’s fornication is presented in an open and unapologetic manner. The Baron jokes to his father that there must be Münchhausen grandchildren all over Europe, although none of them bear the Münchhausen name because they have all resulted from affairs. While staying in Venice the Baron openly lives in sin with a local princess, which rightfully enrages her family. The princess’s brother sends her to a convent and seeks to have the Baron arrested. The film depicts the princess’s brother as an uptight buffoon while expressing approval of the amorous free spirit of the Baron and his numerous whores. After escaping from Venice on a hot air balloon, the Baron flies all the way up to the moon where he meets the local inhabitants. The moon-people have the ability to detach their heads from their bodies, and while talking to the detached head of a moon-woman the Baron naturally proceeds to flirt with her.

Throughout the film the Baron’s attitude towards life is presented in an unambiguously positive light. His whoremongering and irresponsibility are presented as the marks of the man who really knows how to live.

Apparently this filth is the best that secular National Socialism could come up with. Münchhausen was the largest film project of the Third Reich’s propaganda machine and it must have been produced under the close watch of government officials. Ironically this film could never have been produced in America in the 1940s. Although Hollywood was already dominated by Jews, the Christian populace in America had introduced a strict film production code. This code prevented the positive depiction of fornication and other sins. Münchhausen could not have been produced in Hollywood until after the cultural revolution of the 1960s.

The total lack of morality is perhaps surprising given that the National Socialists elsewhere expressed their strong distaste for prostitution and similar evils. In Mein Kampf Hitler wrote:

“The first preliminary condition to be fulfilled before the State can claim a moral right to fight against all these things [STD’s, fornication] is that the young generation should be afforded facilities for contracting early marriages. Late marriages have the sanction of a custom which, from whatever angle we view it, is and will remain a disgrace to humanity.
Prostitution is a disgrace to humanity and cannot be removed simply by charitable or academic methods. Its restriction and final extermination presupposes the removal of a whole series of contributory circumstances. The first remedy must always be to establish such conditions as will make early marriages possible, especially for young men – for women are, after all, only passive subjects in this matter.
An illustration of the extent to which people have so often been led astray nowadays is afforded by the fact that not infrequently one hears mothers in so-called ‘better’ circles openly expressing their satisfaction at having found as a husband for their daughter a man who has already sown his wild oats, etc. As there is usually so little shortage in men of this type, the poor girl finds no difficulty in getting a mate of this description.”

The National Socialists recognized many of the evils caused by fornication, but they nonetheless spent tremendous resources on a film that glamorizes the whoremonger. This same disconnect between supposed moral aims and actual behavior is common on the Alt-Right today. Within a few days the same Alt-Right website can post articles proclaiming the need to return to traditional morality and articles teaching men how to “bang sluts.” It is difficult to see how such hypocrisy and insincerity could possibly form a lasting foundation for a traditional society.

The flesh will always lust after the Münchhausen lifestyle, whether we live under Marxism or National Socialism. Only by God’s grace can we effectively war against the old man and live in purity.


  1. Paul

    “Muenschhausen” is new to me. War in Germany is not. Certainly, the theme of moral corruption I can agree. It appears Germany never recovered from the fin de siècle and the late 19th century with Nietzsche and the new gospel of Marxism. But many would accept it including the churche , who had already clothed themselves in the new confession of the antichristian delusion of Zionism.

    In 1943 after Stalingrad it is to expect a national penitence . Instead propaganda tried to prolong the delusion of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche with the invincible Will , which had superseded the traditional faith as the better idol.

    The moral responsibility of German civilians was perhaps not all forgotten. A young cabaret singer was reprehended for moving her hips suggestively as she sang and was strongly admonished ,”that is not German.” One rejoices in the idea , that der Fuehrer was trying to save the Spirit of CHrist , that had already been abjured by the apostate church.

    In war the morality was loyalty , which made immorality a greater danger than the weapon’s of the enemy. Perhaps the Fuehrer was a victim of his own delusions. Indeed, betrayal of Christ Jesus was in the gospel as well as here preordained. Hitler’s betrayal was caused as much through his own absolute fatalism , that alienated those , whom he could have won and also betrayal from the communist conspiracy which had infected the whole CHristian world long before.

    I perceive this again today in the AMerican and EUropean new gospel of the apotheosis of their white race. Many are devout atheists and certainly anti-CHrist , repudiating the Bible as a Jewish invention and great deception. But this new confidence in the carnal being promoted through Jewish intellectualism and restoration of the Third Reich and its ephemeral success brings the end of hope of CHristian conversion. Zionism is also salt in the soil, that all progeny of the traditional faith shall never germinate.

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