Community, Homesteading Skills, and Producing Food (YouTube Video Included)

Anna and I mentioned in a previous YouTube video, Stop Talking About Building a White Nation, that we need to be focused on building godly communities as part of our action plan. Building a godly community implies the concept of “community” being an integral part of what we need. Yet, we cannot have a community if we do not possess the necessary life skills that our ancestors did, shunning dependence on big corporate systems. In this video, Anna demonstrates the skill of using pork fat and skin to produce food products for the home.  This is the benefit of having a wife and mother who is committed to obeying the principles of the Holy Scriptures.

We ran a 4-Part series of articles on Faith and Heritage titled Health, Thrift and Independence, several years ago. And while we have learned a great deal more since then, the writings still provide a great starting place for the novice. You can also see some more recent commentary and instruction on these type of skills in on our YouTube Channel playlist, Homesteading Skills.


  1. Paul

    Are these young people aware they have violated the swine laws ? Pork is ” unclean”. I often would prefer pork but in the north , where I now find myself it is not available in quantity and rarely quality. Fresh hams can be purchased during Christmas, Thanks giving but they are 20 lbs.

    Fat from fresh ham are for making these pork rinds. Mine were not too good for I made errors. My question from this video is , why were the pork rinds fried after baking 250F in coconut oil and not lard ?

    1. Post
      Hans Gygax

      Hi Paul,

      We cooked these in coconut oil because it was recommended to; our friend says that it comes out better in flavor with coconut oil as opposed to lard.

      Regarding OT dietary laws, we do lean a little toward thinking that they are still applicable, but are not 100% certain.

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