Leftist Students Protest ‘White Savior Complex’

The white, Christian West has been unique in its desire to help foreign peoples. For the last few centuries, on any given day thousands of white people have met together for the sole purpose of improving the lives of non-whites. This type of concern for out-groups is not found anywhere else.

And yet, anti-white leftists have now decided that this desire to help others is itself a form of white supremacy. Specifically, it is a “white savior complex.” Wendy MacLeod, a white professor at Kenyon College, found this out when she tried to produce a pro-illegal immigrant play entitled The Good Samaritan.

From the Weekly Standard:

MacLeod’s work had been circulated to the students and community, with the intention of production in early April. The show centers on the experiences of Guatemalan illegal immigrants working only a few dozen miles away from Kenyon on an egg farm. As MacLeod explained in an email to the campus about the play, these characters “had been working without pay and living in dire conditions.” The Good Samaritan is based on a true story and MacLeod attempted to unearth it in her work, to, with humor, in her words, “[bring] the repressed to light.” Her play posits, satirically, what might happen if one of these illegal immigrants escaped from the egg farm and found their way to a school like Kenyon.

Following the circulation of the play’s transcript, brigades of students, joined by some professors and campus administrators, pressured for the play to be censored. They justified such censorship on the grounds that it was “harmful on many levels.”

One student emailed the administration and faculty complaining about the race of MacLeod, the author: “I personally take issue with The Good Samaritan because it’s yet another narrative written about a person of color from the uninformed perspective of a white academic.” He claimed that the play was “an exercise in cultural hegemony with heavy notes of white savior complex.”

In the complaints about the “white savior complex,” we can easily see the logic of white genocide at work. According to this logic, it is “racist” for a white person to create stories that are “too white,” and thus we see attacks on movies and TV shows that are lacking in “diversity.” But then it is is also “racist” for a white person to create stories with non-white characters, because a white author simply cannot understand the non-white experience, and furthermore a white author can only appropriate non-white characters while still enjoying his position of white privilege. In this logic of white genocide, the only non-racist solution is for white people to cease to exist.

By labeling the work of MacLeod racist, these activists are dehumanizing white people. It is part of our humanity to express ourselves through art and fictional narrative. What the globalist system is now telling white people is that we have no right to such expression, because all of our thoughts and feelings are evil and racist, even in good white liberals like MacLeod who just want to use their talents to push for more mass immigration.



  1. Paul

    Have never heard of the “white savior complex”. But in it sounds a kosher improvisation to continue their eternal condemnation of anything ” Christ-like” , which they seem to identify the white race.Do they know something we do not? It is there envious prejudice : damned if you ; damned if you don’t.

    But this white altruism , peculiar to Europeans deserves the doleful criticism it has received , be it DIckens , Schweitzer , Hitler, or Pierce. America or Europe is the greatest mission field. Most missionaries are not commissioned through inspiration but unregenerate , human vanity. Often they do more arm than good. Churches are degenerated to minions of foreign or domestic policy.

    There is missionary work but one does not need to leave their community or state.

  2. Joe Putnam

    I grew up near an evangelical missionary furlough housing, and thus met MANY missionaries (mainly Independent Baptist ones). I am not impressed with the modern mission movement, White altruism aside. I am even less impressed with Western wealth re-distribution to the Third World.
    If non-Whites hate us so much, why do they want to be in countries with cultures and economies that they could never build themselves? They hate us White people, because they are envious of us.

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