Washington State Moves to Criminalize Christian Counseling

The Bible is the only divinely inspired rule for moral conduct. We are required to raise up our children using its precepts, and thus Biblical teaching in the home and the Church is the cornerstone of a Christian society. The Jewish Left sees traditional Biblical morality as the great enemy of their New World Order, and therefore they are using the power of the state to slowly criminalize it.

Just a few days ago I wrote about a case in Ohio where a judge removed a transgendered child from parents who were opposed to gender reassignment treatments. Now the Washington state legislature has approved a ban on homosexual conversion therapy, which includes church counselors:

“Under the measure, if the provider violates the law, they would face sanctions ranging from fines to license revocation or suspension. Changes made in the House include the measure applying to non-licensed counselors operating as part of a religious organization, religious denomination or church.

While we still have not seen laws specifically targeting Christian parents and preventing them from teaching their children that homosexuality is sinful, this is a significant step in that direction. First the government will ban secular therapists from counseling homosexuals, then they will ban Church counselors from doing so, and then parents.

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