The Religious Culture of American Popular Sports

I grew up worshiping at the altar of American sports. It was my life growing up, both playing sports and watching sports. I dreamed and aspired and worked at the goal of becoming a professional athlete. By the grace of the Lord Jesus I did not become one, and he altered my mind, direction, and goals; all of my ambitions, hopes, and plans.


I want to define terms real quick here because I think it is important. Most of the time people will criticize what is known as “professional sports” and some will even say (or at least used to say) that they only watch college sports because professional sports is so corrupt. But today, there is no denying that whether it be college, professional, the Olympics, or whatever, it is all the same;  it is all one big political/religious, invisible kingdom/empire. It is just as real as the Kingdom of God, which “cometh not with observation (Luke 17:20)”. But let us not be deceived as most Christians are; just because the kingdom is not literally visible does not make it something that is not ON this earth. The kingdom of Jesus is not OF this world (not DERIVED FROM), but is definitely in this world.

The devil’s counterfeit kingdoms are also, likewise, ON the earth:


Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:10-12)


Christians do themselves good to recognize the fact of the invisible, very real (on earth) kingdom of darkness, and how it is visibly manifest in the world we live in, during the present age. There is not much of a greater example and/or more powerful deception that is going on, that traps Christians and unbelievers alike, as the world of “American Popular Sports”, which we will call “APS” in this post. I call it APS because it is so much broader than just professional, or even college sports. The religion of humanism has so engulfed and swallowed up sports in America, that you cannot really escape it on any level.


After I became a disciple of Jesus Christ, I soon after renounced the APS religion, but mainly because it was a god to me in my previous life. But every now and then I will check in on the websites and/or radio to see what is going on, to keep up with the direction they are heading with things.


Though APS has been a tool of Marxists and the religion of Humanism for probably its entire existence, it has really taken on a new nature over the past, probably 20 years or so. It is no longer just the trap of being a “sports fanatic” (fan).  It is religious to the core. No better example can be given than the morning talk show, “Mike and Mike” which lasted from 2000-2017. Unlike most sports radio in the past, this particular show went on for, I believe 3 hours each weekday morning, and the topics discussed went well beyond base commentary on what takes place in the games.


Led by Jew, Mike Greenberg, Mike and Mike’s central point of topics were based on the politics and the morality of the sports world.  I used to listen to this show, and have tuned in from time to time to hear the topics being discussed. I estimate that the VAST majority of the topics discussed, if not close to ALL, have a moral element to them. And what happens to be the standard to judge morality (right and wrong) and what is looked to when discussing the politics behind each sport? Cultural Marxism.


The APS religious cult is so clever, and so deceptive, however, that the mindless mass of Americans, including the Christians, simply cannot see the poison mixed in with their “treat” or indulgence of “innocent” sports. Sit back and think about the commentary you have heard from so-called “sports” talk shows. The Marxists have successfully used APS to shape the entire American public’s opinions on race, sexual conduct, and just about every social topic you can think of.


The pastors, teachers, and other leaders, in the APS media, have a continuous flow of sermons via radio, tv, and print (both electronic and paper) to teach you the ways of their god, on whatever the subject happens to be. Search a sports site on any given day. What are the topics today, for example? Look it up yourself and see.


Note: at the time of this editing/posting, has an article posted about how Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr is speaking out to urge youth to vote for changes regarding firearms.


Every day practically has a new story. Today it is about gun control. Tomorrow it will be about how some fanatic in the stands uttered a racial slur against a player and got tossed from the game. The following days will probably be about the first black coach to do this or that or the first open faggot to accomplish such and such. Of course, we cannot forgot to remind the readers/listeners/watchers of the “dark ages” when sports were filled with such hate and bigotry. Then you have the Holy Days, such as those set apart by Major League Baseball to worship Jackie Robinson. It is a never ending cycle of religion, championed by Jews and anti-white negroes like Stephen A Smith.


Consider ESPN, based in Connecticut, a hotbed for Jewish Marxists. They have programs like “Outside the Lines”, which openly is not about the playing of sports itself. Sports is just the medium for the religion they urge you to embrace. They are teaching you morality.. a morality based on Marxism. And even the casual sports fan eventually gets sucked into the religious terminology and dogmas that are subtly passed along in every article, every sound bite, every television clip, etc.


It is not about sports, folks. Just as the Ouija board is a tool to the evil spirit world, so APS is the tool for the same, only in a different way. So the Michael Vick dogfighting incident, the Adrian Peterson child-abuse case, the Donald Sterling racism situation (Sterling is a Jew, but had to be identified as a white racist for “the cause”), Magic Johnson’s HIV, Jackie Robinson “breaking the color barrier” (which we have to be reminded with every year), etc.. whatever it is, even the stories that are not so big.. they all are the same; they are all designed to shape and mold your mind.


What the regular TV programming, radio, and political venues cannot do, the APS religion will accomplish because APS is supposedly “neutral” and “just a game”. But the only game being played is the game that the devil is using to lure Christians and other Americans into embracing Marxism and Humanism. What is the strategy? Get Americans sucked into the excitement of the game, and then poison them with Marxism every step of the way. Just as you cannot watch television and movie programming without being influenced in your mind, the same goes with sports. To deny this is to simply lie to yourself.


I am just skimming the surface here folks. There is so much more to this than I have said here. There is a lot more detail, and a lot more angles than I have stated. I have not even gotten into the link between sports and pornography, the hero-worship of mega-stars, the ungodly amount of money that is made, the countless wasted hours people spend on APS, how that the sports leagues (their policies and their disciplinary actions against their members) are a precursor for American Law and Society, and many other issues. APS is a rival god, brethren. I hope this blog post serves as catalyst for minds that are better than mine, to really delve into the details of this all. But if you take one thing away from this post, let it be this: If you are currently enjoying the APS system, get out now. Renounce this wicked beast in the name of Jesus Christ, and learn to hate what God hates, by the grace of God and through prayer to him.




  1. Ronnie Waters

    It’s a big waste of time for Christians and without a doubt as you have shown has a nefarious communist agenda.

  2. Joe Putnam

    Hey Hans,
    A good piece. I never got into sports as a child, and thus missed most of what you are writing about. I wasted much time in my youth with John Wayne movies.

  3. Paul

    This is a necessary alarm to those with this addiction.

    I do not think sports are bad; they can be good and so have been exploited and corrupted

    It is not exaggeration to reveal the college NCAA as a necessary part of MArxist agenda. My father told me thirty years ago , that they brought in more revenue than NFL. This was before the white girls would woo the tall, black athlete and 1 million$ year not yet known in football.
    In his best years Mickey Mantle earned $ 57,000. Today average players can make this in a game.

    I am still very suspicious about the use of APS to manipulate money but its cultural and social -a moral purpose is far more destructive. Idolatry !

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