Trad Tragedy: Matt Parrott, Matthew Heimbach and the dissolving of Trad Worker (aka Trad Youth)

On this episode of the Swiss Kinist YouTube channel, Hans and Anna discuss the Matthew Heimbach/Matt Parrott tragedy and explain how it reinforces our conviction that we must do all actions for the glory of God; race is a secondary issue and blessings upon our people was/can be only a byproduct of us making Christ preeminent.

The idolatry of Trad Youth/Trad Worker combined with many non-Christian behaviors led to their movement being a stench in God’s nostrils. And while we claim no superiority to those involved in this tragedy, the effort to save our people is not harmed by this situation; as any effort refusing to exalt Christ should not be honored– as it is not honored by God.


  1. paul

    I have heard of this Heimbach but not the other. I do not know what has happened that caused a “tragedy.”

    I do not want to know. But it implies they or one was compromised morally with an “affair” , adulterous . They forget that the ways of the flesh is destruction and the other verses , that Hans and Anna provide.

    I agree in spirit with the confession of a movement can not be embodied in race , that all is representing CHrist Jesus . It appears the ” leaders” were blind to this and presumptuous. They were brought down through a conspiracy .

    But you can be assured in the end, your sins will find you out.

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