The Dead End Of Game

“Game” refers to a modern form of pick-up artistry that has unfortunately become quite popular on the Alt-Right. Game combines selfish hedonism with a perverted form of anti-feminism that appeals to many reactionary men, especially those who lack the capacity for self-denial and humility.

Game teaches frustrated young men how to become “alpha” males who specialize in one night stands and foreign sex tourism. What is perhaps worse than the immorality of this behavior is the obviously false claim made by game proponents that pick-up artistry is somehow going to lead to a return to the traditional patriarchal family that formed the basis of Western civilization. When engaging with such pick-up artists on online forums I have frequently asked how exactly behaving like a typical frat boy is supposed to bring about a moral restoration of our society, and I have yet to receive a satisfactory answer.

The most prominent Alt-Right proponents of game, such as Andrew Anglin, RooshV and Chateau Heartiste, are all unmarried despite being well into their 30s, and their own writings reveal that their attitudes make it very unlikely that they will ever be able to function as traditional husbands and fathers.

RooshV, who is famous for his series of books on sex tourism in various countries, has admitted the emotionally deadening effects of the pick-up artist lifestyle in his own writings.

“When I’m with a girl who has a face that I cannot love, I avoid her eyes. What a waste to be with such a girl! I’ll get some orgasms from her, as cheaply as I can get them, but the time it takes to get an orgasm from a face that I cannot love means I miss out on the opportunity, the chance meeting, with a face that I could love, but the need for sex is stronger than the need for love, and even easier to satisfy, so it’s sex I have pursued for so many years and sex that I will continue to pursue, but I know this is a devil’s bargain, for while I can experience the sexual satisfaction of sultans of old, the chance of love fades with every new girl.

The better I’ve become at gaining sex, the less I am open to the possibility of love, and sometimes at night, when I lay on my bed before going to sleep, I wonder what would happen if I write off sex completely to just talk to girls who have a face that I could love, a face I see once every several weeks, often while looking at the face of a man whom she already loves. I fall asleep. The anonymous women who come in and out of my dreams seem to mirror the ones that come in and out of my life. The pattern holds firm, the grey hairs steadily increase in number, and my motivation to work for women fades, so I greedily hold on to any short-term pleasure while the chance of making a sacrifice for a face that I could love becomes ever more improbable, until it will finally disappear. My heart will give up soon, and then it will be hard to look at faces anymore.

What is most ironic about Roosh’s admission is that many pick-up artists complain that promiscuous women in today’s society are unable to form solid emotional bonds with men and are always looking ahead to their future sexual possibilities. It seems that men have the exact same problem. Shockingly, it turns out that more promiscuity is not the solution to the problems caused by promiscuity. Godly societies are based on self-denial and the suppression of carnal appetites. Game, along with other modern ideologies such as liberalism, capitalism and Marxism, teaches that individual fulfillment and societal renewal can be achieved through the unlimited pursuit of self-gratification.

While it is bad enough that game encourages men to behave like whoremongers, the means employed in the conquest of women are even more disturbing than the goal. Game teaches that the key to achieving sexual success is to completely remove all empathy from one’s interactions with women. There is to be no romantic attachment to any individual women and all women are to be despised as worthless whores who deserve absolutely no respect, while men are encouraged to cultivate a completely unwarranted overestimation of their own value. In essence, game teaches men how to be psychopaths. This truth is clearly seen in a recent article by Andrew Anglin:

“The first thing is to never treat them [women] as though they have value. Always understand that it is her that owes you something, not the other way around. There is no romance. You can use romance on her, but don’t believe any of it. Don’t EVER let yourself feel like you need that skank. No matter how good she looks, I can promise you: she is absolute trash.

What you always have to be able to do is walk away – remember that if nothing else. You always have to never need a bitch. You shouldn’t need her anyway and she is nothing more than a walking wet hole, which is a thing which only has value because you put value on it.

Also there’s this: there is no point at which she will ever be “devoted” to you and thus not fuck you over if she gets the chance. You can be married to a hoe for 50 years and have 10 kids and 60 grandkids and if she sees the opportunity to fuck you over and get some better deal, she is going to take it.

Since our society no longer enforces rules stopping them from doing that, you have to do it yourself. Firstly, don’t get legally married. Secondly, don’t let her have the self-esteem to believe she can exist without you.”

The gulf between the game attitude towards women and the Biblical view of marriage is obvious, and there is no way that game could possibly lead to the formation of traditional families. The wages of sin is death, and a lonely, sterile death is the only end result of game.

Perhaps the most honest appraisal of game is found in a post in which Chateau Heartiste comments on a message from a reader who describes himself as a psychopath. This self-identified psychopath relates one of his typical sexual encounters, and those familiar with game will quickly recognize that the scenario described follows the exact strategy advocated by Chateau Heartiste and others in the game community. As if to guarantee that no one misses out on the connection, Chateau Heartiste concludes:

“If you noticed Psychopath Game and regular Game are similar in execution, you wouldn’t be far off.”

As a strong critic of game, I could not have said it better myself.


  1. Joe Putnam

    I strongly agree that “Game” has no place in a Christian’s life. That there are major Alt-Rigth voices like Anglin supporting it just shows that the Alt-Right is not built on a Biblical and traditional foundation.
    I spent most of my Alt-Right time reading Alt-South stuff, and thus have missed the diatribes of game advocates.
    In truth, today I feel totally burned out on political/current events commentary. The fact that we need to discuss why it is bad for (supposedly) White Nationalist men to fly to Thailand to fornicate with Asian women shows that this movement can go nowhere good.

    1. Post
      Clement Pulaski

      Yes, there are many issues with the Alt-Right, but game has to be one of the biggest. I can understand the burn-out over political issues. Over the years I have become increasingly convinced that our goal needs to be reforming the Church, not trying to convince unbelievers with political arguments.

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