Hymn: Sun Of Unclouded Righteousness

The following hymn written by Charles Wesley laments the horrible spread of Islam over formerly Christian lands, and earnestly implores that God chase the doctrine of Mohamed “back to hell.” The sentiments expressed in this hymn reflect an era when the Church was unashamed of the righteous judgment of God against unbelief.

Sun of unclouded righteousness,
With healing in thy wings arise
A sad, benighted world to bless,
Which now in sin and error lies,
Wrapped in Egyptian night profound,
With chains of hellish darkness bound.

The smoke of the infernal cave,
Which half the Christian world o’erspread,
Disperse, thou heavenly Light, and save
The souls by that impostor led,
That Arab-thief, as Satan bold,
Who quite destroyed thy Asian fold.

O might the blood of sprinkling cry
For those who spurn the sprinkled blood!
Assert thy glorious Deity,
Stretch out thy arm, thou triune God,
E’en now the Moslem fiend expel,
And chase his doctrine back to hell!

Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Thou Three in One, and One in Three,
Resume thy own for ages lost,
Finish the dire apostasy;
Thine universal claim maintain,
And Lord of the creation reign!


  1. Mr X

    Given the amount of things we have seen in recent times, I’m surprised this hymn hasn’t made a comeback in a few conservative churches. Probably because no-one can seem to find the music for it.

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