The Normalization of Obesity and Gluttony

With the normalization of miscegenation, feminism, homosexuality and transgenderism now accomplished, the ungodly anti-science Left has started pushing the next item on its agenda: the normalization of obesity. In this development we can see the continuing humanist trend of systematically denying every one of God’s commandments

The Bible is very clear that overeating is a grievous sin. Deuteronomy 21:18-20 commands parents to take their perpetually rebellious children before the elders of the city in order to put these children to death. Verse 20 says And they shall say unto the elders of his city, This our son is stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton, and a drunkard. Thus the Bible compares gluttony to drunkenness and rebellion against parental authority, making it a very serious sin. Ezekiel 16:49 lists gluttony as one of the sins of Sodom. St. Paul declares that those “whose God is their belly” will be destroyed (Philippians 3:19). Those who perpetually overeat surely make a god of their belly, for they allow the desires of the belly to overcome God’s commandments to exercise temperance and self-control.

As obesity is obviously caused by a combination of overeating and lack of exercise, it is clear that the Church should be addressing the obesity problem by attacking the sin of gluttony (and the sin of sloth as well). But the modern church has unfortunately winked at this sin for many years, and it is in no way prepared to fend off the worldly trend of “fat positivity.”

It has been 100% proven by medical science that obesity is the result of poor diet and lack of exercise, and that being obese causes a number of other health problems. However, fat positivity is now denying these plain facts, as can be seen in the recent Huffington Post article called Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong. Fat positivity is about much more than being compassionate or kind towards obese individuals; fat positivity actually asserts that overeating does not cause obesity, that obesity does not cause health problems, and that being obese is just as valid a choice as being thin.

It is interesting to note that many of the presumably liberal readers of the Huffington Post article expressed skepticism at the ideas being championed. One commenter responded to the article’s claim that “diets don’t work” by saying “Dieting done correctly works 100% of the time because the laws of thermodynamics won’t allow it not to work.” This comment is clearly correct: it is impossible for a person to use more energy then he takes in and not lose weight. But the Left has already denied a number of scientifically incontestable facts. We know for a fact that there are racial differences in IQ, that men and women have different brain structures, that homosexuality leads to disease and mental instability, and that gender is determined by chromosomes. Bringing up any of these scientific facts, especially in a political context, will quickly cause you to be labeled as a bigot.

It is not difficult to imagine something similar happening if the cause of fat positivity is successful. We are already forced to ignore racial reality when discussing why certain neighborhoods are more dangerous than others. The truth of racial differences is as clear as day, but we are forced to ignore it. It is possible that in the future if your 400lb co-worker dies of a heart attack, brining up his weight will not be socially acceptable. You will have to pretend that his heart attack was totally random, or perhaps was caused by the stress of all the fat-shaming he endured, but it was definitely not caused by any lifestyle choices. This might sound fanciful, but this is already what it is like when discussing black crime. We pretend that blacks are not more likely to commit violent crimes, or if we do acknowledge the fact, white racism and oppression are claimed to be the cause.

Evil doctrines take a predictable route to full acceptance by Christians: the doctrine is formulated by the secular Left, it then enters the liberal “churches,” and is finally embraced by conservative congregations. Fat positivity is currently making progress along this route, as can be seen in the recent book Fat and Faithful by J. Nicole Morgan, who was interviewed by Living Lutheran, a publication of the heretical ELCA. Morgan makes the claim that obesity is not a sinful abuse of God’s gifts, but is rather an expression of the image of God in man:

“My book is a little bit memoir, a little bit theology. It tells different stories from my life as a fat Christian, and it also looks at the theology of bodies and what it means to be an embodied human made in the image of God and who the Holy Spirit indwells. How does that show up in fat bodies? What do fat bodies teach us about the image of God?

…I started asking, “What does my body teach me about God or reveal about God?” And the first one that stuck out to me is that I am warm and comforting and soft. I am a welcoming and safe space for people who need comfort and rest, and that is part of who God is. When we ignore the visible representation of that warmth and comfort, we can lose seeing that as a priority for our church as a whole, for that communal body of God.

Also, my body is very steadfast—it’s hard to move me. I can stand in a place and people can’t push me off of that place. That’s also a part of the heart of God to be steadfast. Thin bodies show different things, and being able to see that collective picture of God, I see the various characteristics and nuances and symbolism that shows up in all of these images of God around us. I think it’s a beautiful thing. My body is not an obstacle—it adds to my faith and to the faith of those around me.”

By Morgan’s logic, any choice that fallen man makes that negatively impacts his body is actually an expression of God’s essence. This is pure humanism and the complete inversion of Biblical religion, for Morgan is claiming that man defines God. Morgan’s argument is reminiscent of other heretics who use the Imago Dei to justify race-mixing and sodomy. All of these arguments share one fundamental trait: God and His law are defined by what we want, not by what God’s Word plainly declares. The fat-positive, sodomite, mongrelized globalist order will continue to advance until the Church becomes serious about opposing this abomination with our god-given weapons.

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