SJW’s Steal Money From St. Jude’s Hospital?

A YouTube host named Ethan Ralph is the latest victim of the SJW-journalist-big tech axis of evil. His YouTube channel has been deleted because he dared to allow dissident right-wing voices on his call-in show (although Ralph himself is apparently not a nationalist). The most shocking aspect of the story is that during his last livestream Ralph managed to raise $27,000 for St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, and after deleting his channel YouTube also refunded all of the money that had been raised. This horrific move demonstrates the colossal moral disjunct that exists between SJW’s and normal people. The ruthless hatred that SJW’s feel causes them to deny the humanity of their enemies in a very profound way. Since the SJW believes that his enemy should be utterly destroyed, he will deny all expression of his enemy’s humanity, even when that humanity is expressed by giving money to a cancer charity.

Throughout history armies engaged in actual live warfare have frequently demonstrated more respect for the humanity of their enemies than SJW’s are capable of. Captured enemy soldiers were often given certain rights and protections. After the cessation of hostilities former enemies were allowed to live their daily lives according to their own beliefs and customs. By contrast, SJW’s desecrate the cemeteries of their enemies who died 150 years ago.

Christians under Muslim rule enjoyed more security and rights than do nationalists under an SJW regime. Despite harassment and inequality of legal rights, Christian societies in Muslim countries were allowed to survive and to maintain their own distinct identity. The same is true of Jews living under the Medieval Catholic Church, who persisted as an independent ethnic group throughout the era. When Americans were conquering the West from the primitive natives, the Indians were given reservations where they could preserve their own bloodlines without the threat of extermination or forced race-mixing. By contrast, SJW’s claim that the act of having white children is evil, and that any attempt to build peaceful white communities or organizations must be violently opposed.

Senator McCarthy’s investigation of communist infiltration of Hollywood led to several left-wing activists being banned from the movie industry, while SJW’s try to get their enemies fired from working at Walmart or fast-food restaurants, effectively preventing them from holding the lowest status jobs in our society.

During WWII the German government allowed the Red Cross to send parcels to detainees in concentration camps, but SJW’s will not allow a pro-free speech YouTuber with loose connections to nationalists to raise money for a cancer charity. It is the SJW who views his enemies as sub-human, not the nationalist.

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