There Has Been No National Repentance Under Trump

Many commentators on both the normie-right and the far-right have begun to question Trump’s ability to “make America great again.” While I certainly was glad to see Trump’s “America first” position challenge Jewish neoconservatism in the GOP, I do not believe it was ever rational to expect widespread national revival without first experiencing national repentance.

For the last several decades (or longer) our people around the world have been burning through the accumulated capital of our Christian heritage. Our people have become more sinful and rebellious with each generation, which has caused our societies to decay ever more rapidly. While Trump’s base has a sense of lost identity, of economic and cultural decline, they do not, as far as I can tell, recognize that their own apostasy and addiction to sin are the cause of this decline.

Thus while the Jewish left frets about an increase in “racism” and white identity in the Trump years, one thing they do not yet have to worry about is a Christian revival.

Earlier this year Vice President Pence made comments suggesting that faith is still strong in Trump’s America, but a report on these comments by the BBC show that Pence was being unreasonably optimistic (or simply dishonest):

According to Greg Smith, associate director for religion research at the Pew Research Center, Mr Pence’s claims do not appear follow the numbers.

“The data we do have do not suggest a recent increase in the share of Americans who are highly religious,” Mr Smith told the BBC.

“The vast majority of Americans do say they believe in God, but those numbers are ticking downward,” he added.

As for Mr Pence’s suggestion that more Americans are going to church in modern times? Aside from sheer population differences from 1776 to now, the figures do not support that claim either, according to Mr Smith.

“We’ve begun to see in recent years smaller but noticeable declines in the share of Americans who say they believe in God, who say religion is important to them in their personal lives, who say they pray every day and we’ve seen declines in the share of Americans who say they attend religious services regularly,” he said.

A 2017 study published in Sociological Science showed that those who are intensely religious are still going to church consistently and frequently, but once-a-week attendance is dropping.

Mr Smith also noted the data shows the number of Americans identifying as atheist, agnostic or nothing in particular is “growing very, very rapidly”.

A painful result of the loss of faith in America is the shocking increase in suicide and drug overdose deaths amongst the white population in recent years.

From the WSJ:

Life expectancy for Americans fell again last year, despite growing recognition of the problems driving the decline and federal and local funds invested in stemming them. Data the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released on Thursday show life expectancy fell by one-tenth of a year, to 78.6 years, pushed down by the highest annual increase in suicides in nearly a decade and a continued rise in deaths from powerful opioid drugs like fentanyl.

Not only has MAGA not decreased the number of suicides, it has not even slowed the rate of increase. We have no right to expect that God will bless us when our people draw farther and farther away from Him. The cultural filth that the Jewish elite are peddling is actually quite fitting for a nation so rotten in its soul that it turns to atheism, antinomianism, drug addiction and suicide. Pray for repentance before praying for MAGA.


  1. Pierre Bezukhov

    It never happens. When Obama was elected the Left turned to those on the Right and expected great changes. Those on the Right were supposed to suddenly agree with them. Women on the Right were supposed to get pregnant just to turn around and have an abortion, Conservative men were supposed to drop their pants for the gays.
    Now we have Trump. Those on the Right looked to the Left and thought that they would all get on their knees and repent, then head to the nearest body of water to have their heads dunked. Next would the Left now arm themselves and head to the southern border and shoot Mexicans.

  2. paul

    Apparently the pathos of penance, shame, contrition , self loathing is of another generation . DOn’t see it any Hollywood movies and certainly not in government. The above comment describes it not as inspiration of CHrist but surrender and conformation to the adversary , the “Left” or ” Right” .

    The supremacy of Christ Jesus in this essay is either taken for granted or assumes there is still something in people latent , that is redeemable and unifies them . Very optimistic.

    I do not know how acutely aware this current President is of the spiritual condition of a people , who elected him. . Will he make it great again without Christ , without penance and subsequent conversion ? ACLU forbid!

    He reveals the same indifference to his oath and the law of God , embodied in CHrist Jesus (New Testament) as the legislature to their oath of office. Thou shall not lie, nor bare false witness …nor tempt thy God , But they hold tenaciously to their one law, “thou shall not repent!”

    But the theme is cogent. For those who opposed this last election for president reacted as if to the worst thing imaginable , that you must repent and be born again!

    Currently Congressman Steve King has been persecuted for his language . Seems that venerated first amendment is now conditional. The GOP have all unified in his condemnation . He has dissented from the sterile party line .

    He witnessed in his defense , that God would not judge him for his words. But neither will his associates in the same party forgive him. Liars , traitors and thieves want to censor this man , who will not repent and beg forgiveness , which he won’t get anyway.

    Their obdurate ,self righteous world with neither male nor female, black nor white mockery of scripture they represent would be condemned . So they speak,” I don’t know this man.”

    Penance is for the strong or preordained ; and we are a nation well represented by weaklings and cowards , whose sin is the new virtue.

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