Let us remember that in the last judgment…

Let us remember that in the last judgment we shall not be asked how learned we were and whether we displayed our learning before the world; to what extent we enjoyed the favor of men and knew how to keep it; with what honors we were exalted and how great a reputation in the world we left behind us; or how many treasures of earthly goods we amassed for our children and thereby drew a curse upon ourselves. Instead, we shall be asked how faithfully and with how childlike a heart we sought to further the kingdom of God; with how pure and godly a teaching and how worthy an example we tried to edify our hearers amid the scorn of the world, denial of self, taking up of the cross, and imitation of our Savior; with what zeal we opposed not only error but also wickedness of life; or with what constancy and cheerfulness we endured the persecution or adversity thrust upon us by the manifestly godless world or by false brethren, and amid such suffering praised our God.”
-Philip Jacob Spener


  1. Paul

    This paragraph should be in our schools and certainly in churches. But it requires another Spirit that is not welcome . But it is a benevolent reminder to me. But I am not sure of this Last Judgment.

    I think one is judged everyday .Convicted and forgiven. And what is unforgivable will be his to bear through eternity .

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