Kinism FAQ Series: Question 1, Part 1: Is Race Merely Skin Color?

In Video 2 of the Kinism FAQ series, Hans Gygax and Patrik Os delve into Question 1 of the Faith and Heritage FAQ section, “Why do you make such a big deal out of skin color?”  This series is based on the FAQ section of



  1. paul

    The nice Jewish people have shared their education or reeducation with the unchosen nations where light is dark and false is true. It has profoundly changed the minds of young and old. The churches also have a new doctrine . They have now no fear of persecution nor alienation.

    Nor should they fear what is next on the agenda emanating from the unholy sanctuary , their labour taxes have financed generously in new Jerusalem DC, which they serve happily with praises and thanksgiving.

    They will convey it to the few , who arrive fittingly with half closed ears and swollen countenance to have their minds reduced and hearts hardened.

    The world is commerce and the laws they invent are to supersede the law of God. The churches are offered an easier way , the revised new faith of the Antichrist . It is common to all . It can been seen by the blind and much cheaper and all inclusive.

    The new and old pastors are in agreement with the merchants of sin and death . They are selling a worthless and popular new gospel. And many are buying.

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