Kinism FAQ Series: Question 1, Part 2: Is Race Merely Skin Color?

The Kinism FAQ series continues with Part 2: Is Race Merely Skin Color?”

Hans Gygax and Patrik Os discuss personal experiences and the differences in ways of thinking among the races.

This series is based on the FAQ section of


  1. Doug

    Libtards (christian or otherwise) don’t just want to deny racial differences but also differences in gender (LGBTQ+), age (pedophiles), religion (ecumenicism or pluralism), human value (abortion), species (environmentalism), and so on. None of their positions are Biblical or logical. Their foolishness is on display everyday for all honest thinkers to see.

    Their insistence for no distinctions is from their need to have no truth, because with Truth comes right and wrong and ultimately judgement from One who is capable of doing so. This is what their hardened spirit desperately wants to avoid , even if it doesn’t register in their minds.

    Rom 1:20 For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.

    Thank you both.

  2. Tim Folke

    All races have their strong and weak points. As we cannot choose our inheritance, it behooves us not to boast in our strengths nor be ashamed of our weaknesses. Whereas Blacks excel in physical skills, Asians are foremost in patience, less prone to emotion, excel in discipline, and (perhaps to an excess) have a phenomenal work ethic. Aryans (I use that term as a light skin does not necessarily make one European) are in the forefront of creativity, inventiveness, and exploration.

    Insofar as Blacks are concerned, the primary racial difference is in the cerebral cortex, located in the front of the brain. On average, theirs is about 14% thinner than that of Aryans or Asians. This is actually physically discernable on most Blacks when they are viewed in profile; there is a more pronounced slope to the forehead.

    The cerebral cortex is the organ of creativity, and enables one to plan ahead and invent those mechanisms that make everyday life easier. Hence, unlike other peoples, the African Blacks never invented the sail. They never invented the wheel. And, being in a tropical climate, there was never any reason to develop over the years the ability to postpone immediate gratification.

    This is not their fault, it is not our fault, and it is no reason for us to ridicule them or for them to be ashamed of who and what they are. It is just the way it is, and to think otherwise is to level criticism against God Who saw fit that they be who they are meant to be. At the same time, it shows that it is quite unfair that we and they insist we are all ‘equal’ or can successfully coexist within the same constraints in the same society.

  3. Doug

    Kinists are Christians that understand and abide in the Truth. A fundamental pillar of the Truth is that there is a transcendent God who is not us but created us. He created us distinct from Himself as we are not gods as He can not create gods (as God can not be created). Being distinct from Him, we are separated from Him, both in form (spatially) and Righteousness (spiritually). This is the underlying blueprint for all creation. It is made with distinctive and boundaries (space and time). In the case of our relationship with God, He bridged the spiritual separation with the propitiation of Christ Jesus and He will bridge the spatial separation after our death. In the case of our relationship with creation, we remain distinct in spirit and space from those not of us now and forever as per His order (Deu 22:10). Only in Heaven under Gods command and control will even those who are of the same Spirit but difference kinds will be brought together in Heaven for His common praise, yet still as the separate nations He designed (Rev 7:9-10).

    To further drive this fundamental of our Faith and the Truth, look at God. God Himself saw it fit to exist as not only permanently and perfectly distinct from mankind, but also to exist as three distinct persons. One is essence (as is the diverse body of believers) but distinct in role and presence (as with the diverse body of believers). If God Himself holds distinctives, why wouldn’t His creation?

    To whip a dead horse, look at the very beginning of creation, God made it by distinctives. Heaven vs earth; light vs darkness; land vs water; sun vs moon; beast vs man; man vs women.
    Then look at the first sin in Gen 3. What did the serpent say to deceive Eve? In verse 5 we read, “For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be LIKE God, knowing good and evil.” Here satan reveals his strategy (the antithesis of God’s order). Satan wants to remove the Godly distinctives so as to deny God’s creation so as to deny God’s glory. Notice satan didn’t say “you will be HIGHER than God”? That would be irrational and still leave a distinctive. Rather being “LIKE” God is saying there is no difference and if no difference than no hierarchy and authority. With no hierarchy than no worship and with no authority than no judgement. With out hierarchy and authority than there is no sin. This is exactly what we have in today’s neo-pagan world. This is exactly what satan wants and what the world does (John 8:41). The world today is built on Monism, that is no distinctives and oneness in all things. Oneness in creation, value, power, wealth, purpose, destiny, race, gender, etc. The original sin is still today’s sin. The sad thing is that is has lead many away from God, including many in the church (2 Cor 11:3-4).

    With God and His Truth, distinctives are everything! As Christians this is proved to us (The Word) and we are persuaded (The Spirit).

    His Peace and Mercy to us.

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