To believe, to confess, to jubilate…

“[T]o believe, to confess, to jubilate joyfully as a child of God, implies that we do not allow ourselves to be determined and walled in by the limits of our human understanding, for God has burst open those walls. Through the opening in that ancient wall a joyful light descended from above, through which we now see all of reality in a totally different perspective, both things on earth below and in Heaven above. In that light, we come to see that there is much more power beyond our power. In fact, our power is but a minimal part of the total available power in the universe. Far beyond and above our power and that of nature glitters the mighty majesty of God that breaks into this earthly life with a sovereign power that knows no bounds. With that sovereign power He bends and forces everything to obey His divine ordinances, everything, whether our bodies, the skies, mountains and clouds, the stars and the firmament, warmth and cold, distance and space, in fact all creation without exception.”

-Abraham Kuyper


  1. Doug

    I read his “Lectures on Calvinism” and agree that Kuyper was a pragmatic theologian and disciplined leader. Here he is touching on the incomprehensibility of the transcendent God. Our eternal study of Him in the Kingdom will never even reach the beginning. That excites this Believer.

    Psa 147:5 Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite.

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