Why are you so Racist? Kinism FAQ #2, Part 1

Why are you so Racist? Kinism FAQ #2, Part 1

In the following segment between Hans Gygax and Patrik Os, Question 2 of the Faith and Heritage FAQ section, “Why is this site so racist?”, is discussed.

Hans and Patrik discuss the general accusations of “racism” by Christian believers, against Kinists.


  1. Doug

    “Why are [insert anything] racist?”
    This is what is known as a loaded question, much like, “When did you stop beating your wife?”
    The question itself is invalid as it contains a ill-defined, nonsensical or fallacious assumption. If one says, “I’m not racist” then you already approve of the opponents concept or his arbitrary definitions of racism. If one says, “I’m racist” then you agree with their false or non-agreed presupposition. Only when these presuppositions are correctly not overtly agreed to by the person asked the question does the argument containing them reveal its weakness and loses the attack.
    The best answer to this question is to challenge the false assumption the question relies on. To answer the question, “Why are Kinists racist?” we would counter, “By racist, you mean what?” or, “If by racist you mean we love those of our people group most and prioritize them above other people groups, than yes we are.”
    Let us not get entangled with the wordsmiths of this fallen world, but let us rise above it to proclaim the clear and consistent teaching of God’s true Word.

    Eph 4:14-15 that we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting, but, speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head—Christ—

    Out time reminds me of the final days of the northern kingdom in the time of the Prophet Hosea. Brothers and Sisters read Hosea 4. Let us take rebuke by the words of God but not let us cower at the words of man.

  2. Paul

    I can not give more important than Doug or Hans Gygax have said: they(adversary) hate Christ Jesus. They will hate us. And that racism is a childish, invented sin or fallacious expression and meaningless.

    But semantics often becomes assimilated without perception but learned by association of a word or expression with when and how it is used.

    But do not take them lightly . The time is coming and may be already when impeachment of racism will mean our lives, namely condemnation of anti-Semitism . As DOug alluded these things : racisms; anti-Semitism ; sexist: homophobe:, or discrimination either are not real or are good. They were inventions of the same source to corrupt our language and control thought.

    If one thinks outside of their proscribed paradigm you are in danger of suspicion and if you use forbidden words or thought even condemned to their arbitrary will. And they are not known for mercy. A liar must control all thought and forbid challenge or dissention. And they are children of the father of lies.

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