Anarcho-Tyranny In Action: Europe to Require Visas for American Tourists

Over recent years the European continent has been overwhelmed by hordes of Muslims and other hostile aliens. The authorities in these countries have welcomed this invasion and instituted repressive measures against their own citizens who speak out too loudly about the influx of racially incompatible groups.

But never fear, Europe is set to add strict new border controls…for American tourists.

From Travel and Leisure:

In two years, Americans will need to apply for something called ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) in order to enter the continent. The European Commission says the new visas will be enforced as an effort to upgrade international security, effective Jan. 1, 2021…

At the moment, Americans traveling to Europe for less than 90 days don’t need any sort of visa.

This is a classic example of anarcho-tyranny, a concept developed by the late conservative commentator Sam Francis. According to this concept the current globalist system is not developing into a pure totalitarian state as found in the old communist regimes, nor is it promoting total lawlessness. Rather the globalist system brings tyranny to law-abiding whites while giving almost limitless license to the global non-white criminal class.

Politicians in Europe could care less about international security. They have chosen unlimited Muslim immigration over security. Bombings, knife attacks and rape gangs are the new normal for Europe, but the scourge of law-abiding American tourists will soon be under control.


  1. Paul

    There is no Germany nor England nor France. What is left have conformed to the alien conditions of the their oppressor for selfish interest and the lawlessness that liberal minds enjoy. Their culture is disappearing with the self destruction pay for your sin Old Testament debt taught from post war education. Which even death will not satisfy . Their sin is the legacy increased for the next generation.

    The occupier has not forgotten the plan and justice of Adolf Hitler nor Jesus of Nazareth .They celebrate their ascendancy with revenge and our humiliation . They gloat and return to their artificial victory which they had no role but usurp as they rewrite the history to glorify themselves. How

    Blasphemy describes the language they have redefined and law is a cruel perversion to elevate unrighteousness. They must bring a primitive mind like their own to begin their mongrelizing of Europe in their own loathsome image . Sycophantic opportunists of indigenous people conceal them self in the shroud of the proselyte who share this blasphemy and others who glorify cowardice and treason with a psychopathic nature becoming common virtue of the new woman.

    Is it different in the land of the free? Was not Sam Francis a southernor, who saw the same thing with perception and unmitigated disdain? Although all this is biblical it is to our shame and not our glory.

  2. Doug

    Paul is right, there is no Germany nor England nor France, but Germistan, Englamabad, and Frarbia. Disgusting outcomes of Satanic elites pulling the string of our governments and the brain washed masses who are drunk on Kool-aid.

    Soon you will need a new document to visit Belgium that isn’t Belgium. I don’t see the problem, if you want to see the today’s “Belgium” save the airfare and drive to Detroit or Dearborn.

    A godless people deserve a godless nation. Europe – God is against you. The rest of the West – soon.

    Psalm 37

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