Do Kinists Hate People of Other Races? Kinism FAQ: Question 2, Part 2

Do Kinists Hate People of Other Races? Kinism FAQ, Part 2 of Question 2

In this session, Hans Gygax and Patrik Os discuss the question: Do Kinists hate people of other races?

Please forgive the poor audio/video quality.

This is Part 2, Question 2 of the FAQ section of Faith and Heritage; “Why is this site so racist?”

This series is based on the FAQ section of

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  1. Paul

    I am intimidated to write a word , knowing that I may be condemned as a hater. But other races are to me a warning of the proverbial and inherited love of moral law and order:, everything in its place and a place for everything. I confess , that hate is a healthy and sentient expression of things out of their place .

    Chinese bring ability to succeed in a land very, very hospitable to them . They like money and they possess the necessary will and ability to make this land China. They love dogs and cats in a way that causes me to hate Chinese . They come with this Christian admonition against us apostates but are ravenous hyenas and are a feature that resembles the nice , jewish people. They have absolutely no quality but have an infinite appetite for quantity .

    They learn to be opportunistically literate like jews but their inherent and pernicious indifference to others make one wonder , who they really are. They are much smarter than us .

    Do you think they would squander their treasury and poor children on gratuitous war and subsidize their own ruin like us dispossessed whiteys. Billions for Israel and minorities like Chinese but not a farthing for deserving white people , whose lives have financed it. No they all agree, it is time for our demise . ANd we ourselves comply with selfless complaisance or are too damnably stupid to know it. But they don’t even hate us for it. Except the nice , holy jews of course ; but then they hate everyone .

    I do not believe the Chinese nor their oriental cousins , the nice jewish nomads have a word for , “thank you.” They just politely belch.

    They will consume everything good and all living remaining shall be Chinese and nice jew. But do not complain nor question . This is forbidden in the land of the free by those who purchase today’s laws. They are all arrantly unconstitutional incidentally and are written to glorify one particular person . But no one complains because it violates the law itself, of anti Semitism. And yes , who gets to interpret this new crime ? A washed in the white child’s blood Pharisee, naturally.

    But the Chinese and other nice people , who have invaded a borderless “nation” and dispossessed many AMericans of both life and property honour these alien laws , not one anti-Semite amongst them.. Any complaints!

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