Idiocracy Is Us

During one of our recent Bible studies we discussed the 2006 film Idiocracy. One member of the study mentioned the similarities he noticed between the Idiocracy character President Camacho (played by Terry Crews) and President Obama. Another member of the study was quick to point out that the Camacho character, who was originally a professional wrestler, is also similar to President Trump, who himself has appeared inside the wrestling ring. I felt that this comparison of Trump to Camacho is accurate. In many ways Donal Trump is the Idiocracy version of Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul. Buchanan and Paul are both Christian gentlemen and intellectuals who attempted to calmly explain to Americans the serious problems facing us. But Americans were unconvinced by Buchanan and Paul, and apparently could only be won over to the populist cause by someone adept at pro-wrestling antics.

Having thought more about this sad fact, I have come to another even more depressing conclusion: the Alt-Right is the Idiocracy version of what a nationalist movement should look like. The Trump phenomenon and the Alt-Right are the only resistance that can currently be mustered against the globalist system because we have collectively become so completely dumbed down. This dumbing down has had an equal effect on most of those who understand that race is real and that multiculturalism is poison, and because of their own emotional and intellectual immaturity the Alt-Right is the best thing that they can come up with.

The Alt-Right is the product of a generation with an incredibly short attention span and an almost comical lack of awareness, and it shows. Rather than rallying support by encouraging young men to defend our women, the Alt-Right is probably the first “nationalist” movement that has ever promised its followers that they will get to gang-rape their own women after securing victory. People on the Alt-Right actually think that you can go directly from posting memes to building a new society without the intermediate step of forming healthy families and communities. The Alt-Right blasphemously invokes the God of the Bible through crude Jesus memes and the slogan “deus vult,” while simultaneously promoting fornication and womanizing. The Alt-Right actually has an internal debate about whether or not a nationalist movement in America should be anti-American. Prominent Alt-Right figures frequently and publicly change their minds about strategy and abandon their projects, rarely staying focused and on message for more than a couple of years at most. When the Alt-Right actually comes up with a good idea, like quietly infiltrating the Republican Party, they get discouraged and give up after failing to achieve total success in one election cycle. This last point is especially disappointing and especially instructive.

The Alt-Right currently has no institutional power. There are therefore two options for the movement: create its own institutions or take over existing institutions. The former option is prohibitively expensive at the moment, so the second option should be pursued. There is no institution that could be taken over as easily as the GOP. The other centers of power (Hollywood, the Democrat Party, Wallstreet, Academia) are so tightly under the control of the Jewish Left that subversion by right-leaning straight white males is impossible at this point. The GOP, on the other hand, is the only system-sanctioned institution that is presented as right-leaning and implicitly white. While we all know the the purpose of the Republican Party is to divert the growing white anger into counterproductive activities, because that anger is there and is actually the motive force of the institution, the GOP can be turned. As Trump demonstrated during 2015-2016, the GOP can be pushed in a nationalist direction quite easily, unlike all of the other institutions of power mentioned above. And yet despite the obvious wisdom of trying to infiltrate the GOP, Alt-Right leaders have ridiculed the project because it has not immediately born fruit and because the GOP is attempting to root out nationalists. This last objection is particularly illogical. If our goal is to subvert an existing institution, then obviously we are at odds with the current leadership of this institution, and therefore the current leadership will obviously do everything possible to prevent the takeover. Pointing out that the current leadership is doing so is not a valid argument against the project. Perhaps the biggest advantage to attempting to infiltrate the GOP is that it brings people off of the internet and into the real world in a way that does not have the same risks of openly pro-white IRL activism. However, apparently a large segment of the Alt-Right has decided that instead of continuing with this real life institution building, they would rather focus their energy on another meme campaign, this time joining the #YangGang rather than the #TrumpTrain. After all, posting memes is much easier and more lulzy than going to Republican Party committee meetings. And lulz are what the kids crave, just like electrolytes are what plants crave.

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