Poem: Rouse Them to Life

(NOTE: Poem submitted by reader MM)

Rouse them to life.
The minutiae of processes, reconstitution,
A holy metabolism set in motion once more,
To regenerate humble sinews, and cascade upward into majestic cathedrals.
Luminescent arrows fan out into the sacred hollow, strike through flaxen locks,
Imbue beauty with beauty,
The spiritual essence of millennia, crystallized and given form.
Delicate tessellations dance across vibrant glass vistas and virginal lace,
Animated by His perfect light.
Amid the angelic symphony,
The unbroken chain of being and becoming hums soaring arpeggios,
Plucked by the eternal hand of the Divine.
We sing within.
A harmony of indefatigable Truth.
Though evil may assail, eternally He prevails.

© MM, anno Domini 2013.
For the glory of our Lord, Jesus Christ,
For the repentance of Europe, North America, and Australia,
For Notre-Dame.


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