Flesh, Blood and Identity

Throughout the Bible blood is key to human identity. In Acts 17:26 we are told that God made all nations out of one blood, the blood of the first man Adam. It is because we are of the same blood as Adam that we are said to be made in God’s image, and it is also because of our descent from Adam that we bear the curse of fallen nature. Our redemption from that curse is also defined by blood, for it is through the blood of Christ that we are reconciled with God. Being cleansed by the blood of the sacrifice made upon the Cross, we are born again and become children of God by grace, just as we are children of Adam by nature.

The Bible also emphasizes the important, unique relationship that we have with our immediate natural parents. The first of the ten commandments governing our behavior towards other humans demands that we honor our parents. Siblings share a unique bond in that they have been made from the same blood of their immediate mother and father. Parents can say to their children that they are “bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh” in a way that does not apply to any others.

God also created distinct national identities for the descendants of Adam. Looking again at Acts 17:26 we read that God “hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation.” The Bible defines national identity not by shared residency in a territory or even by shared membership in the same political community, but by shared ancestry, that is, shared blood. This can be clearly seen in the catalogue of nations in Genesis 10, where nations are identified by their founding patriarchs. When addressing David the tribes of Israel stressed the shared physical descent between the king and his people: “Then came all the tribes of Israel to David unto Hebron, and spake, saying, Behold, we are thy bone and thy flesh” (2 Samuel 5:1).

The atheistic system that now dominates the West hates all forms of blood identity as set forth in the Bible. This system certainly desires to blot out completely our identity in Christ. It also seeks to destroy the family through the promotion of fornication, sodomy and divorce. It even seeks to destroy our identity as children of Adam. Adam is said to be made in God’s image, while the animals are not. Thus the Bible creates a clear, unbridgeable distinction between man and animal, while atheistic evolutionary theory denies the existence of any fixed, immutable human nature. And of course the current atheistic system hates and seeks to erase national distinctions, claiming that national distinctions, especially when upheld by people of European descent, are based on the evil of “racism.”

Biblically orthodox Christians generally oppose these worldly attacks on blood identity. They uphold the truth that we are saved and made pure by the blood of Christ, they affirm that all men and women are descendants of Adam who was made in God’s image, and they defend the sanctity of family life. But when it comes to national blood identity, the vast majority of otherwise faithful Christians side with the atheists against God’s word. Christians try to outdo the world with wild condemnations of the “sin” of racism, a “sin” that was not known to Christians until it was invented by left-wing agitators. National blood identity is an integral part of God’s design for humanity, and when Christians declare this form of identity to be evil they are rebelling against our just and perfect creator. Not only are they rebelling against God, but they are doing so in full concert with the self-declared enemies of God. It is because Christians have fallen so far from the truth in this one area that we spend so much time and energy refuting Christian “anti-racism.”

As Christians we are called to accept God’s definition of right and wrong with an eager and joyful heart. It is only the fool who fights against what God has clearly revealed through his Word and his creation. Blood-defined nations are not a sin, and they are certainly not a burden. They are a great blessing, because God knows our human nature and he knows what sort of love and community is needed to allow us to thrive. To reject the comforts and encouragement of one’s nation is as much against the created order as a child rejecting the care and embraces of his mother.

We are descendants of Adam who was made in the image of God, we were born to individual parents to whom we owe special honor, we are members of specific nations with whom we have a special sympathy, and by grace we have been cleansed by the blood of the Lamb. Let us accept and be content in all of our God-given blood identities.


  1. Joe Putnam

    A nice piece Clement. Family is the basis of race, and race just the extended family. It is Biblical, and totally natural, as it is how God ordained us to live.

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