South Africa’s General Election Results Show the Urgency of Secession

“Demographics is destiny” – we’ve all heard it innumerable times. But I fear white men in the Western world, in countries where they still form the majority of the population, often fail to recognize the urgency of this warning. Recent political developments in South Africa show the urgency of this warning to all white nations around the globe.

In South Africa, whites currently make up 7.9% of the population. When white people voted to enter the multiracial democracy in 1992, whites still made up nearly 20% of the country’s population and (because apartheid had just ended) most still lived in neighborhoods that were 99% white, and attended 99% white churches, clubs, schools and universities. It was easy for moderates and leftists to not recognize the reality of the demographic disaster we were heading to. Now that legacy is long gone.

Today we sit with the reality that the government threatens our religious liberties and property rights. The government is in the process of amending the constitution to allow for the confiscation of white property without compensation. This recent development has thankfully led to a resurgence of Boer nationalism among my people over the past two to three years. On the 8th of May, South Africans went to the polls to vote in the country’s national and provincial elections. Considering the results, a safe estimate would be that nearly 40% of whites voted for either a conservative party advocating white minority rights or for a nationalist party. While this is still a minority, this is up from an estimated less than 20% in the previous general election in 2014. The right quite literally doubled its vote. Yet, here’s the sad reality – all of the right white vote reepresents merely 3% of the total votes cast in the election. Neo-Marxist, Pan Africanist and Revolutionary Communist parties still gathered nearly 97% of the total vote. Even if every single white man in South Africa voted right wing, this would not amount to much more than 8-9% of the general vote.

There’s no democratic solution to our problem. White Boers and Anglos in South Africa need to realize that we are under divine judgment. We are being judged for apostasy. And in Scripture (see e.g. Deutoronomy 28) the greatest and most common means by which God judges a covenant people is through oppression by foreigners. This is, quite literally, what is happening to the Afrikaner-Boer people today – and even if there is currently (finally) a return to nationalist ideals among many of our people, this will amount to nothing unless God liberates us from the current oppression by African Marxists.

But, if the liberation comes from God, the nature of the liberation has to be consistent with and in harmony with his will. God is always consistent in all his ways. He is unchanging and nothing in his will and being is contradictory. Here it is important to note the nature of the covenant people’s liberation from judgment as promised in God’s Word. In II Chronicles 7:14 God said that he would liberate the land of his “people” if they repent. In the Hebrew and Greek of the Biblical text, the word used for “people” or “nation” denotes an ethnic group. That is, a group of people united by a common ancestry. Not a propositional “nation” united by common ideas – which is more akin to an empire. Thus, the promise of political liberation for repentance is not made to the church, not to individual christians, and not even to families – but to nations. This is why, when over a million Christians united in prayer in South Africa in 2017 to earnestly pray to God for healing this country, God did not hear their prayers and things just got worse. They did not pray in accordance with his will and revealed character. The reality that an ethnic volkstaat is the only means by which the white man can survive in Southern Africa is becoming more evident by the day.

With his divinely ordained social order being tribal and ethnic, God has revealed to us that it is his will that each tribe or ethnicity live seperately in their own homeland (Acts. 17:26b) in order to create the best circumstances for the kingdom of God to flourish (Acts 17:27a). In his wisdom, God set a providential precedent for the failure of multiculturalism at Babel and this has historically manifested itself over and over again throughout history. The great Princeton theologian Geerhardus Vos recognised this when he wrote in his Biblical Theology:“Under the providence of God each race or nation has a positive purpose to serve, fulfillment of which depends on relative seclusion from others.” (Vos, G. Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments. (1949) Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, p. 72.)

Therefore, while it is not sinful to pray for America’s restoration, it is important to note that getting Americans on their knees is not in itself sufficient to please God. The fundamental character of the nation needs to change from being propositional to ethno-covenantal. Only when the social order is radically altered and brought into line with God’s law, can we expect liberation from Christ our King. Given current demographic realities in the United States and – perhaps even in some Western European countries like France, secession into ethnic homelands seem to me to be the only viable solution to meet the demands of Divine Law. I am not necessarily advocating a complete break-up of countries like the United States (although I personally believe this would be best), but viable alternatives could include a confederate model whereby individual states protect their demographic make-up with strong border control. Nonetheless, until we start working towards redeeming the social order towards the one-ethnicty-per-political-unit principle of Acts 17:26, we can’t expect God’s blessing on our endeavors. And achieving this is much easier if you don’t postpone it until the day you are reduced to an insignificant minority. Let us start actively working towards this goal today.


  1. Paul

    No good news:

    The world today has been collapsing for many generations . One should not wonder when nor how this catastrophe can be revived , when most are oblivious to it.

    Long has one heard the delusion that, thing s will change , implying improvement or in this context a miraculous penance and conversion. Well, it will not emerge from the churches. Apostasy degrades itself already to idolatry . They have their new savior in the Antichrist.

    Reference is made apologetically to the Old Covenant in Deuteronomy and also relevant is CHronicles 11. But this convenient covenant had conditions which the people or Israel scorned. It was never meant to be and only proved then and the present time that “they” nor the new proselyte people of the nations shall repent , be consummated in CHrist nor acknowledge him as Saviour. The chosen are even worshiped by the CHristian Church in veritable obeisance to Satan and compete with the humiliating behavior of congress in their disdain for Christ and the True Way.

    I do not believe these “covenants” are in any way alike . One , the New is as far removed from the old as east from west. SOme, here will be saved or blessed ; none from the Old.

    What is to happen as expressed succinctly above is beyond remedy politically and even religiously . It is time one realizes the law of retribution is successfully by both church and state defied; evil has overcome good. Salvation or perfection from sin may be an anachronism found only in forgotten traditions.

  2. Joe Putnam

    Hey Adi,
    Nice to see that your are still writing after F&H ceased publishing.
    This is a very good piece that you have written. Perhaps the most important line in your essay is the following: “White Boers and Anglos in South Africa need to realize that we are under divine judgment. We are being judged for apostasy. And in Scripture (see e.g. Deutoronomy 28) the greatest and most common means by which God judges a covenant people is through oppression by foreigners.” I believe that White people in the U.S.A. are likewise under judgement, though they are so deep into apostasy that it has not even occurred to them. I would like to see the U.S.A. peacefully balkanize into multiple new countries, but I see no chance of this happening in the immediate future. I think that America, in theory, should be *at least* three different countries, all peacefully coexisting with each other within their own bounds.

  3. Genoveva

    Hello Adi,
    I am glad having found a website where you are writing again. I am so sad, even though white parties gained, that nothing will change in SA. Not being able to do anything to help is so frustrating. If there only were another Paul Kruger and another Treck to be done.
    I think the fate of SA will be the fate of America, I agree that the only hope for white Christians in America is the breaking up of States. Or volunteering of demographic change where all of them move to 1 State and take over. It will be interesting to see what I will find in Europe. I read Ehould Would’s testimony which now has come Europe as well, just by somewhat different people. With what is going on at the Southern border I can only think when it will be, when we are facing the same fate even in more white and conservative States, it is only a matter of time. How long will it be until we have the fate as our brothers and sisters in SA?
    The church is not willing to see it, they are in total denial. Acutally, they are betraying the next generation, we just sat through Ken Ham’s video called One Blood.
    I think the same judgment as you speak of in SA is also true for Europe. Compmfort is only found in the Scriptures for though there are good preachers and churches but they have fallen for the lies of the enemy of old. And for some of us it is very lonely and having pages like F&H or this one is where one can find encouragement . PS do you still check your F&H email?

    1. Adi

      Good day Genoveva,

      I’m glad you are enjoying the articles. Since F&H stopped running articles I’ve only sporadically checked my e-mails. Nonetheless, I just opened my inbox and noticed a bunch of unanswered e-mails. I will try and respond to all of them promptly.

  4. H.M.

    Thank you, Adi, for your article. I read several others of yours on F&H and usually always found them to be helpful and inspiring. We’ve also had a quick correspondence via email in May 2017.

    I cannot speak for South Africa (your heimat) or North America, as I reside in Europe which is also my ancestral homeland. Both urban and rural areas are changing drastically demographically, so even though I live in a city now and have the prospect of moving to a rural area sometime soon, things will not be different there, I’m afraid. The ancestral populations of our rural home villages are aging and dying out. And non European migrants are being moved everywhere.

    Maybe voting is not utterly desperate as in your case in South Africa, but it does not seem to change much about the situation. We’ll have to wait for the results of the election of the European parliament on coming May 23rd – 26th 2019.

    What do you do if such views as expressed here on sites like FN or F&H are so rare that one is considered a hater and heretic by fellow Christians and one’s family? I appreciate my fellow believers’ love and compassion for foreigners of all sorts, but they often lack any distinction between own/national identity and foreign identity. For many, race mixing is no problem. You are the unbeliever and hater if you object to it. If you mention the fact that letting in millions of foreigners indiscriminately will change your country for the worst, you are a hater. My conscience is troubled by that. What if they are right and I am wrong, merely conversing with other people like you who are also wrong? What if we are merely telling each other lies and confirming our biases while we are on the way to hell for not liking diversity the way we should? What if we are under God’s judgement and under strong delusions, just confirming each others’ hate based prejudices?

    Maybe we (that is, white (nominal) Christians in the western civilisatiion) are indeed under judgement for being too liberal, too open, too much towards the political left. Or maybe we are wrong in fact, have hatred in our hearts, cannot see the truth, have idolized our people, nations, cultures? I seriously do not know what is true and what is not, what is fake news and what is not. Maybe we are too race-concerned, too conservative, too nationalistic? Some would say we are under judgement for resisting multiculturalism, for not implementing global communism and open borders, for producing too much CO2, for still having too many white babies who produce too much CO2 and who will be evil white people as adults? Some say western civ is a cancer any way and 4 billion Africans in 2050 will be much better for the world, especiall if 500 million of them live in Europe and breed away the last white man by miscegenation or replacement?

    I am not sure, I am just saying what is in my head: thoughts like this and like that.

    I agree that praying and working towards secession and national self-government (under God) is a godly goal. How would Boers who live spread all over South Africa in little enclaves of farms and communities, surrounded by blacks, secede in practice?

    What do you think about the Siener van Rensburg (1864-1926) and his supposedly accurate visions of future events, especially pertaining to a coming big crisis for whites in South Africa (“Uhuru” or the “Night of the Long Knives,”), while at the same time Europe will be in war and revolutions? (; Is this total non sense where people make up predicitions later and ascribe them to him? Or did God indeed reveal things to him, of course not in the same way as that which we know to be the Holy Scriptures?

  5. Adi

    Thank you for the questions, H.M. Yes, it is indeed sad that so many of our kinsmen have succumbed to multiculturalist and miscegenationist ideals. I am convinced that we are under judgment for our apostasy. If you read the covenantal passages in Scripture that address judgment (e.g. Deuteronomy 28), it becomes clear that invasion and/or suppression by foreigners are one of the most common means by which God judges a people.

    As to the prevalence of the acceptance of multiculturalism: I don’t know where in Europe you are, but even in Holland in one of the most secular cities, I managed to find a few Christian (albeit tradcat) friends who shared my views on race and nationhood. I pray that you can manage to find similar companions.

    Another thing to keep in mind: in terms of the history of our people, the acceptance of race mixing and multiculturalism is a very recent phenomenon and, believe it or not, even today millions of white people in Eastern Europe reject these ideas. We can take courage from that. While I don’t know what God’s plans for South Africa/North America or Europe is, I do believe that from among our race, a remnant will be spared.

    I’m praying for you to be encouraged, brother.

  6. Frederick the Great

    @Adi: The previous commentator H.M. seems to be a bit troubled, which is somewhat understandable in our day and age, but it is not a manly and mature thing to be in that state and to let others know about one’s doubts and insecurities.

    He is, however, quite correct when he asks about the practicability of secession:

    “I agree that praying and working towards secession and national self-government (under God) is a godly goal. How would Boers who live spread all over South Africa in little enclaves of farms and communities, surrounded by blacks, secede in practice?”

    The secession of whites is, after all, the one conclusion you draw from the result of the elections. You point out the urgency of secession!

    The situation is, however, that various black peoples live mainly in the east of South Africa, coloureds in the west. So there is a way in which the country could (theoretically) be split, which would not improve your situation, would it? Because whites (english and africans speaking) as well as asians live all over South Africa. And many whites have farms they own and keep and are surrounded by blacks and often are dependent on them as labourers.


    It’s not as easy as splitting up the Austro-Hungarian empire after WW I
    [] or the division of Czechoslovakia [] in 1992. For them it was relatively easy for czechs and slowaks to just go their own way. Even former Yugoslawia looks easier than South Africa [] and they had several wars in the break up 1991ff.

    So apart from God Himself intervening and telling the UN to create clear ethnostates, how would it work?

    Is there a way without civil war, expulsion, massive death, suffering and misery? And if there is no way, would it not be better for Whites to endure the situation as it is? Praying for the current government and accepting the current situation?

    Until about 1944/45, maybe about 15 million germans lived in eastern Europe. This includes both territories that had been part of Germany until then (Eastern Prussia, Silesia, Pommerania) and were then ceded to Poland, as well as territories with dense and exclusive german settlement like the sudeten land in Czechoslovakia (which had been annexed in 1937/38) as well as small islands of settlements all over Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Moldavia, the baltic states (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia), Belorus, Ukraine, Russia (including even central Asia and Siberia). Germans had been living there, often for centuries, surrounded by other peoples. They had settled there at the invitation of kings.

    Many of them were expelled after WW II and fled to Germany (12 million), many died (0.7-2.5 million) and some remained there (and have migrated later to germany, that is from 1970 until now). Over one million germans were also deported in 1941/42 from the european part of the soviet union to the asian part. This was in order to keep them from joining the german wehrmacht which had been invading the soviet union since june 22 1941.


    I will not go into WW II and ask who is to blame. But after the war in the east not many peoples there liked germans (due to atrocities commited by the 3rd Reich, but also due to older animosities and propaganda).

    So there is no direct connection between the Germans in eastern Europe and the Whites in South Africa, but maybe some sobering parallels. What do you think?

    Secession is relatively easy when you have population centers here and there that are only lacking borders (e.g. the Czech and Slovak Republics of nowadays). In all other cases, there will be blood!

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