O my Father…

“O my Father ! in the name of Jesus I ask Thee that I may be strengthened with might by Thy Spirit in the inner man. Teach me, I pray Thee, to believe that Thou hast given Him, to accept and expect Him to fill and rule my whole inner being. Teach me to give up to Him ; not to will or to run, not to think or to work in my strength, but in quiet confidence to wait and to know that He works in me. Teach me what it is to have no confidence in the flesh, and to serve Thee in the Spirit. Teach me what it is in all things to be led by Thy Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Thy Holiness.
And grant, gracious Father, that through Him I may hear Thee speak and reveal Thyself to me in power : I AM HOLY. May He glorify to me and in me, Jesus, in whom Thy command ‘ BE HOLY ‘ hath been so blessedly fulfilled on my behalf. And let the Holy Spirit give me the anointing and the sealing which bring the perfect assurance that in Him Thy promise is being gloriously fulfilled, ‘ I MAKE YOU HOLY.’ Amen.”

-Andrew Murray

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