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On the latest YouTube video from Faithful Nation, Hans Gygax and Patrik Os skip ahead in the Faith and Heritage FAQ Series to Question 12, tackling the question: Is it sinful to disallow interracial marriages. This is identical to the question posed on

“12. You say you’re opposed to “interracial” marriage and “racial” integration. Why do you hate other races so much?”

After publishing this as a segment of Question 2, we realized that a separate FAQ question was posted on the Faith and Heritage website.


  1. Doug

    I argue that interracial marriage is sinful in every instance.

    Hans’ argument equating age or language differences with racial differences as a Biblical determinant of marital appropriateness to demonstrate inconsistency in the current common liberal christian view is a faulty comparison. There is no Godly prescription against His approval of a marriage based on age (King David in advanced age “married” the teen Abishag) or language in Scripture. Yet there are multiple, obvious examples of God commanding His people, including particular servants, on who to marry based on race (described as family, tribe, or nation). You can not take the character of one’s age to be held with the same consideration by God as the characterization of one’s race. Marriage is a God-created and ordained act and He does impose on us stipulations regarding conditions. There are other Godly prohibitions of marriages based on other characteristics than race such as previously married, gender and species.

    Though no explicit law is revealed in the Canon of Scripture, there are ample examples of implicit descriptions, situations, and commands that satisfy our understanding of God’s demand in the matter of race-mixing. This is common in many matters on how Christians understand God’s expectations of us in many relational and societal applications. We read this in God’s declaration of “kind after kind” order, His mixing materials command, His prohibition of yoking different animals together, prohibition against taking foreign wives, casting out mongrels from the nation, etc.

    God made the various races deliberately distinct. Race is a character of mankind that was so fashioned that becomes the most readily and obvious distinctive we can make about anyone. Why would God make races and why would He make them so undeniably obvious? Could He have meant even the most dim-witted of us to distinguish the difference? Could this distinction be a foundational platform for who we are to separate from and who we are to form community with? The answer is yes. Race is one of the features most regularly used by God to determine curses, blessings, covenants. It is how He delineated His people from other people. It is the manner in which He commanded His people to be set apart from others in their vicinity. God obviously organized creation, including mankind, in terms of commonalities, not differences. Racial separation is one-way God provides order in a creation full of diversity. To breach this is to find chaos.

    This world’s “Babylonian spirit” promotes interracial marriage. It pedestals miscegenation while demeaning racial integrity. This should say something to a true Christian. What does the true White Christian feel when presented with a White woman married to a black man? What are you discerning from the Holy Spirit?

    What have we observed ourselves? Consistently, interracial marriages result in poor durability, low satisfaction, compromised safety, and confusion of offspring. We have seen over the recent 30-year growth of interracial marriage diminished racial harmony rather than improvement, weakened nationalism rather than galvanization, and shatters loyalties to the point of the destruction of community and family unity. Compare nations with racial uniformity in marriage to those built on mixed marriage. The difference is consistent and undeniable. Even look at the racially uniform home of America of yesteryear to today. All facets of analysis are in decline; power, finance, safety, academics, community, faithfulness, etc.

    If man wants to miscegenate, it will be another of many sins that God will judge him for. This will be a surprise for the rebellious and proud. Don’t be deceived.

  2. Post
    Hans Gygax

    Hi Doug,

    I agree that it’s not an exact 1 to 1 comparison regarding race and age, or race and language. However, it is still a worthy comparison. You said,

    “What does the true White Christian feel when presented with a White woman married to a black man? What are you discerning from the Holy Spirit?”

    What does the true Christian feel when presented with a 80 year old married to a 15 year old girl?

    I disagree that interracial marriage is always sinful in all cases. I have heard the “kind after kind” argument and am not convinced. Where do you distinguish “kinds” in certain races? Is the broad white race category a kind, then the Asian category a kind, and the negro category a kind? You might argue that, but I think you are dangerously close to embracing the type of doctrine that Christian Identity promotes; which is, that only the white race is descended from Adam. This, of course, is absolute heresy.

    Where would you draw the line if it is always sin? Is it always sin for an Irishman to marry a German woman? I would argue that Irish should ideally marry Irish and German marry with Germans. But that does not mean that every mixed marriage of this sort is always 100 % sin.

    Maybe you can help me understand your position more clearly. Neither Patrik or myself hold to the position you are espousing, if I am correct in my understanding.

    Blessings to you, brother.

  3. Doug

    My friend Hans,

    When you ask what I, a true Christian, feels when confronted with an 80-year-old married to a 15-year-old, my response is unknown. As I don’t circulate in muslim or mormon societies, I’ve never seen or heard of this before. I would theorize that it would be like confronting a marriage between a one arm man with a three-arm woman; not wrong but weird. I have seen men 20 years older than their wives and felt no concerns other than compatibility of interests and histories.

    The “kinds” created in God’s order are not difficult to determine. As I mentioned previously, God ensured that the racial distinctives are overly obvious. He gave unique appearance, mentality, bounds of habitation, culture, histories, etc. that is recognizable and undeniable. In fact, it is only White people that describe their inability to discern these distinctives. I have discussed the issue of racial self-identification with East Indians, Jamaicans, Nigerians, Chinese, Filipinos, Aboriginals, Iranians, Peruvians, and others with none of them having any difficulty assigning themselves and others to racial groups. Whites seem to be challenged in this area, and when they struggle, I always freely offer my “incredible talent” of assigning race, which comes so easily to me.

    I have no idea how understanding this even approaches the false propositions of Christian Identity. Scripture overtly teaches that all mankind descended from Adam and Eve and that after the global flood, God used Shem, Ham and Japeth to populate the whole world (Gen 9:19). In Genesis 10, God describes the nations He created, and He divided (vs.32) (note it does not say “He amalgamated” as was man’s attempt in Genesis 11).

    As to where one would draw the line to racial distinction, that answer, as I have already described is easy and natural. Usually this question is asked when there is an attempt to obfuscate the obvious. I would ask this question back to you in a familiar context. It is commonly understood that a woman dressed in an immodest style is sinful. Either because it promotes fleshly sensuality on its own or it contributes to the sin of men. Where do you draw the line as to what is determined as immodest? How high can the hem be? We know the answer to this question is not complex and is made readily and consistently. Those who try to complicate these situations usually are disingenuous, though I know you are not.

    My position is clear. God made everyone in a particular way (by means of genetics which ensures the retention of distinctiveness) for a particular purpose. I retain these particularities in obedience of Him. Interracial marriage, like homosexuality, feminism, and relativism, is highly esteemed by men, and we know what God says about that (Luke 16:15).

    Always a pleasure to dialogue with you.

  4. Post
    Hans Gygax

    Thanks for the kind response brother. They are good things to meditate on and consider.

    My wife and I have seen marriages where the age gap is very large, and there were definitely big problems. I do agree with you that it is not as big of a problem as it is with racial differences, however.

    That is a good analogy regarding modesty. When we attended the Anabaptist church, our motto was always, “Modesty without question”. This eliminates just about all styles of dress that church-going women have today. They want to push the boundary to see how close they can get without actually “sinning”. They have a mentality that they want to see what God will tolerate, rather than what will please God the most.

    I believe you could view race in the same way. We should strive to make and encourage marriages with as close of compatibility as possible; in all areas– race, doctrine, age, language, culture, etc. Trying to push the strange and foreign in these areas is a mistake; race being a very important factor. But I still will not say that 100% of the time it is sinful. I would not argue that for age either, but I would generally have a big problem if a 60 year old asked to marry my 18 year old daughter.

  5. Doug

    You and I will disagree on the significance of this matter but we can do this without pride and animus. Us brethren of the glorious Jesus are taught to become mature in faith and fellowship. Thus we conclude this difference with the principle taught in Rom 14:19-23 “Therefore let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which one may edify another. Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food. All things indeed are pure, but it is evil for the man who eats with offense. It is good neither to eat meat nor drink wine nor do anything by which your brother stumbles or is offended or is made weak. Do you have faith? Have it to yourself before God. Happy is he who does not condemn himself in what he approves. But he who doubts is condemned if he eats, because he does not eat from faith; for whatever is not from faith is sin.”

    1. Post
  6. Jeanie Williams

    First of all, an 80 year old man with a 15 year old girl has a title. It’s called pedophilia. GOD IS NO RESPECTOR OF PERSON!!!! This would include race as well. I’m white but you are HIGHLY OFFENSIVE to think that you’re so spiritual but show, through the serious insanity you state in this comment section, straight-up hate. Jesus plainly stated that his disciples/followers would be known by the love they show for others & each other. You exhibit NONE of this! All you do is espouse big words & concepts to sound as if you’re important. It’s christianese folks in christendom, such as yourself, Lori & Ken Alexander, Michael & Debi Pearl, Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles, etc., that are an OFFENSE & A REAL STUMBLING BLOCK to the cause of Christ! All of your self-righteous prideful, entitled, racist, narcissistic rotten fruit of fleshly self is what’s wrong with modern day “christiendom”. News flash; Babylon has NOTHING to do with one’s race or ethnicity. You’re own words reveal you’re hateful, prideful heart! You need to repent for the sin of pride. You DO NOT REPRESENT OR SPEAK FOR JESUS!!! You speak with a forked tongue like you’re father known by the name of satan. I Cor. 13, that states what love really is, NEVER mentions race or ethnicity!! I rebuke you, repent & may God truly give you eyes to see & real ears to hear (understand)!!!

    1. Post
      Hans Gygax

      Hi Jeanie,

      Thank you for the comment. I left it here primarily as a revelation to all to just the type of spirit “anti-racists” demonstrate; irrationality and the inability to discuss items civilly. It’s ironic that you are disgusted by a civil discussion on race between two Christian brothers, while you respond as if you were a ranting lunatic.

      Furthermore, did you have a Christian upbringing that taught you it was acceptable for a woman to rebuke a man? If so, you need to learn the principle of the Bible, particularly that which a woman’s role is.

      As far as the actual content of what you stated:

      1) Make the girl 18 in the illustration. It’s the same principle I am bringing out.

      2) The truth of God’s word is always offensive to those who hate the truth, so I am not surprised to discover it is offensive to you.

      3) It’s obvious that a lot of the rage you are showing (which does not produce the righteousness of God — see James 1:20) has a lot to do with that you can’t stand the fact that men can be godly and hold different views than you do on race. I wonder if you realize that pretty much all of your Christian fathers agree with us about race, not with you. I also wonder why you don’t find it strange that you agree more with 21st century Christ-hating cultural Marxists than your Christian fathers.

      4) Your definition of love is entirely skewed. It comes from the same line of thinking that the ultra-leftist Democrats use, when they say that it is “hate” to have a wall or border and to keep invaders from entering our country.

      5) We are definitely not “self-righteous”. We acknowledge that we are nothing without Christ, and that is evident in all of our writings and YouTube videos. But you wouldn’t know that because you are actually the one espousing hate; and that for the fact that we refuse to bow the knee to your left-leaning, Marxist brand of false Christianity.

      We pray for your salvation and coming to Christ in true humility.


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