Putin Declares Liberalism Obsolete

In a recent interview with the Financial Times, the leader of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has described liberal ideas as “obsolete”. The interview speaks for itself, as he focuses on the failures of multiculturalism and notes that the LGBT agenda is fundamentally opposed to the values of the majority of people in the Western world. He believes that the ideology that dominated the Western World since the end of WWII has failed and done a lot of damage to Western nations. On an economic level, he also observed that the claims to liberalism’s contribution to economic prosperity are overrated, as workers in some of the most prosperous nations in the West are now plagued by longstanding wage stagnation.

Liberalism enables immigrants to kill, plunder and rape freely without even considering changing the policy. Another aspect touched upon by Putin is the necessity to protect the “core population” of a country, meaning the historic cultural and ethnic majority.

That such a prominent world leader would openly advocate (albeit in a nuanced fashion) for a form of ethno-nationalism and ethno-protectionism, is something that was almost unthinkable a decade ago. But the world has changed. Liberalism has overplayed its hand. Before our eyes, for all to see, are the practical manifestations of the earlier right-wing prophecies of civilizational decline.

Several phenomena affirm this recent change in political dynamics. Recently, the Dutch government accepted a motion in parliament to defend white farmers in South Africa in case of government-sanctioned confiscation of property. In Holland, long a bastion of Western liberalism, a young and up-and-coming politician recently noted the importance of keeping Europe “predominantly white” – and yes, in the original Dutch he explicitly used those words.

There seem to be indicators that the age of liberalism as we’ve come to know it is coming to an end. The devil, however, continues to prowl about as a roaring lion seeking whom to devour (I Peter 5:8). The battle will continue to rage as fiercely as it always has. The strategy of the left changes continually. We know that liberalism in itself has never been their ultimate goal, but the destruction of Christ’s Kingdom, including the race providentially blessed with being the covenantal instrument for the advancement of this Kingdom. Nonetheless, the time has come for Christian ethno-nationalists to up our game. The opportunities for advancing our cause are coming thick and fast, and we need to aggressively lay hold upon each and every one – whether that be in the form of participating in elections, engaging in local activism, building a family or promoting ideas on alternative or social media. We are, after all, in the fortunate position of knowing – by means of an infallible source – that our King triumphs in the end anyway.


  1. Paul

    Sorry, I for one am not the Putin admirer. I just have this evil prejudice for billionaire policemen and sovereigns , who pardon the wicked and condemn the honourable.

    Another ism on its way out ? Liberalism , a popular chimera , that the church curses but which suspends everyone in a never land of sinless amorality . Political and improvised religion of lawlessness..

    Do weeds give up? No, they are tenacious and mutating , proliferate. How many casualties from this disease of liberalism ? How many new women , who inherit liberties from the 5 Pharisees in jew court and without remorse nor compunction invite anything into the womb but the right to deny any issue out of it?

    How many new men who are elevated through debauchery and shamelessness to sainthood and sacrifice through suicide , many more the young soldier , who were sent to fight their shadows never live to know life? And the many , who are in indolent and oblivious to this man of sin?

    And when another great lie is gone or at least exposed , who will know that she is just another of their scape goats or aborted devices to destroy all that is holy and righteous?

    Liberalism is a mass murderer., and now she shall fear no retribution f or shall change shape and vanish as vapor into a cloud without form or definition. And be gone. ANd her plea of innocence is that, she never really existed . I am only your imagination?

    And who is the greater liar, the father of lies who conceived her or the wandering , starving souls , who have an insatiable appetite for them?

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