Jeffrey Epstein Is Dead

The unfolding Epstein case resulted in the mainstream media being forced to peel back the mask on the fetid globalist system. Epstein’s world allegedly involved the exploitation of underage girls to satisfy the desire of various powerful gentile politicians, all orchestrated by two evil Jews, Epstein himself and his madame Ghislaine Maxwell.

As Jewish white slavers are not known for their philanthropy, many have quite reasonably speculated that the Epstein operation must have had a larger goal than simply serving the lust of rich and powerful men. A public trial would therefore have undoubtedly exposed far more of the inner workings of the globalist cabal than many would have been comfortable with.

It is no wonder then that the alleged suicide of Epstein has been met with quite open skepticism, even by mainstream journalists. When the New York Times joins the likes of Alex Jones in questioning the official narrative, we are certainly living in quite unusual times.

It will be interesting to see what evidence of suicide is presented by the authorities. In an age where digital recording equipment is cheap and widely available, it will be difficult to explain why the prison cell of world’s most high profile criminal was not under video surveillance.

And if convincing evidence of suicide is not forthcoming, that will make the situation even more interesting and unprecedented. We would be living in a country where not only are those who threaten the current order are made to disappear, but where the manner in which this is done is so clumsy and transparent that even reporters working for the lying media cannot bring themselves to cover it up.

Are the globalists getting sloppy as their system is showing signs of strain? Or are they simply growing more confident as they know the population has grown too craven and ineffective to resist even the most obvious injustice?

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