Why I’m (Still) Not Alt-Right

I recently listened to a podcast I did way back in August of 2016 explaining why I reject the Alt-Right label. The podcast has held up quite well, and I thought it to be appropriate to re-post it now as the remnants of the Alt-Right continue to disintegrate.

Some of the important observations on the podcast are:

-Trump (even in the summer of 2016) was way more of a normie Republican than most on the Alt-Right wanted to admit.

-The Alt-Right never had any institutional power (which made its quick collapse following adversity completely predictable).

-Kinists really should have known better than to join the bandwagon of a movement so obviously based on nihilism.

-The grab bag of bizarre monarchist and neo-pagan ideologies favored by the Alt Right is a major liability.


  1. Fred Penner

    I just wanted to say that I remember enjoying your articles on Daily Stormer years ago and I’m glad to have found your new website.

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