The Joker: the Nihilism That Binds Together the Alt-Right

Over the past few weeks there has been a major spat in the Alt-Right, as Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer and Mike Enoch of the Right Stuff have both publicly accused each other of being feds and/or SPLC agents. Enoch supporter Hunter Wallace has also strongly attacked Anglin and his associates on Wallace’s Occidental Dissent website.

In addition to these accusations of dishonesty and betrayal, there has been much bitter criticism of the optics and ideology of these two respective camps, with Anglin arguing that costume Nazis make the far-right look weird, and Wallace arguing that celebrating mass shooters and rape fantasies makes the far-right look weird (I think both criticism are obviously correct).

But interestingly this weekend the Daily Stormer and Occidental Dissent are united in their celebration of the new Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix, both sites having recently changed their banners to feature stills from the film. The widespread support for and interest in this film across the far-right is just one more reminder that a deep nihilism is present across the movement.

The Joker film stars the Jew Joaquin Phoenix and is directed by a Jew, and is based on a comic book character created by Jews. It is inconceivable that the film could have something uplifting or inspiring to say about the plight of the white male in contemporary America. Alt-Right interest in the film first arose upon hearing reports that the film might inspire “incel mass shootings.” Why a film linked to “incel mass shootings” should immediately gain support from a movement ostensibly trying to restore the West is beyond me.

The Jews who run Hollywood are not naive. They understand exactly what they are doing. The Joker film is surely more poison that will only further debase those who embrace the film and allow it to shape their psyche (which is what consuming entertainment always does).

Tragically, nihilism is the core of the Alt-Right.

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