Norwegian Father Promotes Voluntary Ritual Humiliation

Earlier this year Norwegian Ørjan Burøe gained notoriety for the brave and noble act of uploading a video of himself and his son dancing while dressed up like the Disney princess Elsa.

Slate recently published a flattering interview of the man in which he explains his motivations. Burøe argues that such transgressive acts are necessary in order to overcome the last lingering traces of traditional gender roles. He also regurgitates various left-wing cliches about the inherent goodness of children and the need for each generation to continue the perpetual revolution against all normalcy:

“Kids are always pushing the lines, and you have to let them push you, or else you’re going to be an angry old man.”

“Children, they don’t see problems. They see solutions. And they see actually what’s in front of them. They don’t see what we grown-ups see. They just go for it.”

Burøe’s goal is clearly to inspire other men to voluntarily humiliate themselves in a way that destroys traditional masculinity. He claims that a truly manly man is the one who is not ashamed at being ridiculed for publicly dressing like a woman:

“Actually it’s more manly to show that you’re not afraid of people laughing at you.”

These proud, public violations of God’s law serve as a type of ritual in the globohomo religion. The transgressive man leaves behind the values he was raised with and adopts a new, anti-masculine identity.

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