Hymn: Farewell I Gladly Bid Thee

While I view the current concern about Coronavirus to be a bit overblown, the constant news concerning the disease has undoubtedly brought many to reflect on the reality of death. This is certainly a healthy thing, as our modern technology often isolates us from this reality.

To aid in this reflection, I thought it helpful to publish this hymn by 17th century Lutheran theologian Valerius Herberger. The hymn was written during a plague as a means to build up the faith of those nearing the end of this earthly life. The contempt of this evil world evident in the hymn is always something that we should strive to cultivate.

Farewell I Gladly Bid Thee

Farewell I gladly bid thee,
False, evil world, farewell.
Thy life is vain and sinful,
With thee I would not dwell.
I long to be in heaven,
In that untroubled sphere
Where they will be rewarded
Who served their God while here.

By Thy good counsel lead me,
O Son of God, my Stay;
In each perplexing trial
Help me, O Lord, I pray.
Mine hour of sorrow shorten,
Support my fainting heart,
From ev’ry cross deliver,
The crown of life impart.

When darkness round me gathers,
Thy name and cross, still bright,
Deep in my heart are sparkling
Like stars in blackest night.
O heart, this image cherish:
The Christ on Calvary,
How patiently He suffered
And shed His blood for me!

Lord, hide my soul securely
Deep in Thy wounded side;
From ev’ry danger shield me
And to Thy glory guide.
He has been truly blessed
Who reaches heav’n above;
He has found perfect healing
Who rests upon Thy love.

Lord, write my name, I pray Thee,
Now in the Book of Life,
And with all true believers
Take me where joys are rife.
There let me bloom and flourish,
Thy perfect freedom prove,
And tell, as I adore Thee,
How faithful was Thy love.

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