Paul’s Ethnonationalist Principle in Practice

The apostle Paul teaches that ethnonationalism is a means of preserving Christianity (Acts 17:26-27).

Demographic trends among Western nations prove this. Multiculturalism leads to a decline in Christianity – even among the native population. But why is this? 

Apart from the immediate demographic effects of immigration, there are two main practical reasons:

1. A multi-faith society in itself necessitates the public disestablishment of Christianity. This in turn leads to increased apostasy among the younger native generations, due to the propaganda of schools and media tasked with upholding the new national religion of cultural Marxism.

2. Secondly, even a propositional Christian nationhood is doomed to failure, since multiracialism in itself disrupts the inherent stability of and harmonious interplay between covenantal-familial structures (nuclear family < clan < nation) divinely ordained as the neccessary means of transmitting the Christian faith through the generations.

For this very reason a measure of separation was maintained even among the tribes of Israel  (Num. 36:1-6).

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