Habits, Refinement and Revolution

Although I am still relatively young in my career as a parent, it has already become evident to me that building good habits is key to raising up children in the Lord. Humans do not simply exist as disembodied intellects that make choices based on rational reflection. We exist as unities of heart, mind and body, and the choices we make are based on the habits that have been instilled in us. Although salvation is instantaneous, the Spirit works in us to cultivate mature Christians over time, and this process does not occur only in individuals, but within societies as a whole over many generations. When accomplishing our salvation through the incarnation of the Word, God did not chose a random tribe or bloodline. Rather he prepared a specific line of descent within a specific chosen nation, a people to whom had been given the heavenly oracles, the inspired law and the divine worship. Isaiah 11:1 pictures this development of the chosen seed as the growth of a plant, an image often reproduced in Christian art. God cares about and blesses intergenerational holiness, and this is one of the most important means by which nations are able to faithfully serve him and avoid falling into evil.

Simply explaining to a child that he has to act according to a specific virtue will not result in him embracing that virtue. Only years of patiently and lovingly correcting him when he acts contrary to this virtue will bring about positive results, and the same is true of society. This principle is especially relevant as we witness the current breakdown of law and order. Many Christians who are still blinded by mainstream conservative ideology are simply incapable of comprehending what exactly is happening and why. I have seen them becoming increasingly demoralized and confused as the social and political norms so long taken for granted slip away. Their inability to comprehend the situation is due to the abandonment of the Biblical principles of habits, genealogy and corporate responsibility. The idols of individuality and equality have replaced these Biblical truths, and we are now suffering the consequences of this infidelity. Revolutions are not made overnight. They occur when the inner rot that has spread in concealment for many years finally breaks forth. Christians in America cannot point fingers at Antifa, BLM or George Soros for what is transpiring. Instead they must look at the decades of their own neglect.

Since the emergence of Jacobin ideology in the late 18th century, there have been many intellectual currents moving the Western world in the direction of anti-Christian revolution. For at least the last century, there have been deliberate, institutional efforts to lay the groundwork for a Bolshevik-style government in America. Even when not outwardly promoting radical ideology, these forces have been working to instill the habits of thought and action that are now allowing BLM radicalism to flourish. The most dangerous and deeply rooted of these habits is the acceptance of the narrative of “racism.” “Racism” is not a Biblical sin, nor is it a concept that occurs until relatively recently in Church history. It is a worldly concept that has been welcomed into the Church. I have dealt with this issue at length elsewhere, so I will not repeat the arguments here. But I will once again emphasize that as long as the concept of “racism” is embraced by the Church, we will see more looting, more murders, and more dissolution of the norms of justice.

“Racism” is the idol to which every single institution has bent the knee. Even groups long considered to be reactionary or outside of mainstream society, such as the Roman Catholics or the Mormons, have proudly embraced this false doctrine. And of course the Evangelical churches are as strident in their defense of the concept of “racism” as the most committed Marxist revolutionary. Belief in the “racism” narrative is the common faith of the emerging new world order. All institutions, even those that outwardly disagree about other issues, will unite to purge out “racists” from their ranks.

Embracing the concept of “racism” promotes destructive habits of thought. It teaches whites to always view black failure as somehow the result of unjust acts by whites, rather than as the result of God-ordained racial differences. As this habit of thought is encouraged and nurtured, it grows and matures through each generation. The emotions elicited by the internalized narrative of “racism” become stronger, resulting in frenzied, irrational outbreaks. The habit of thought becomes so ingrained that “racism” is assumed in every black-white interaction, without even the most cursory examination of the evidence.

Christians are shocked and confused about the emergence of violent Antifa activists, failing to recognize that every public school, every private school (and nearly every homeschool curriculum), every living room with a television, and even every church has served as an Antifa training camp. Anything that promotes the habit of seeing “racism” as evil is providing recruits for Antifa. After all, if “racism” is the ultimate evil, and the current state has been unable to eliminate this ultimate evil, then surely radical action against the state is justified. If the churches accept the premise that it is literally better for a white person to die than to be a racist, on what moral ground is it possible to argue against using Antifa tactics to fight “racism”?

Rejecting the concept of “racism” is an important first step for the Church to reclaim its place as the guardian of revealed truth in a fallen world. But simply doing so will not immediately change the trajectory of our country. Building an effective alternative to the globalist system will require decades of work over generations, for this is the only way to instill new habits in our people. This can be achieved only through embracing the entirety of God’s revelation as the basis for justice within society.

The two main points in the BLM narrative are that 1) these killings by police are “racist” and 2) it is a tragedy when these men lose their lives. We have already looked at the flaws in the concept of “racism,” but we can further say that in almost all the cases that have been widely promoted by the media, it is actually incorrect to say that this loss of life was tragic. While it is true that George Floyd had not been convicted of any capital crime under our current judicial system, under Biblical law, habitual drug addicts and violent criminals are to be executed, even if they are not found guilty of a single egregious crime such as rape or murder (Deuteronomy 21:18-21). This is a very important aspect of God’s revealed law: there are people who are to be purged out of society solely because of their unhealthy and criminal habits. George Floyd had lived a criminal life. The possibility that such a person would reform after decades of criminal habits is very slim, and God’s law teaches us that at that point it is more important to protect others by removing such individuals from society. From a Christian perspective the only tragic thing about Floyd’s death is that it occurred before he came to know the Lord. But this is also true of a convicted pedophile who is murdered in prison, yet the media does not clamor loudly about such an event being a tragedy. We must also clearly teach that the current approach to “racial justice” is not just an injustice to whites, but to blacks as well. The obvious result of defunding the police will be a huge increase in crime, especially black on black murder. There is no doubt that BLM policies will result in more black lives being lost. Even more importantly, BLM policies will result in more black souls being lost. Blacks in this country will always be a financial drain on whites, but this is a burden I would gladly bear if our money went towards building Christian virtues in the former slave population and preaching to them the pure Gospel of humility, thereby bringing some of them to eternal glory as our brothers and sisters. Such a program of genuine evangelism to blacks can only be successful when grounded in the truth, including the truth of race realism, which is indispensable to a truly missional church.

There are indeed many whites in this country (perhaps even a majority of us) who are disgusted by the current riots, but this disgust is impotent. It is impotent because whites as a group have adopted numerous habits that prevent them from effectively organizing and living outside of the current system. We are habituated to depending on the system for moral approval and physical support. Through the habitual consumption of popular entertainment and the overuse of modern technology we have degenerated not just morally, but intellectually and psychologically as well. Our people have short-attention spans and a low level of culture, showing that they are not the same men who originally built our civilization. Regaining the high-level of culture and mental ability that previously existed is another project that will takes years of cultivation. There are many right-leaning people who have long counted on a spontaneous middle American uprising against tyrannical government, but from what I have seen this is a fantasy. There may be some small handful of whites who have attended counter-protests and taken measures to protect their neighborhoods from violent looting, but they have no comprehensive worldview with which to challenge the globalist system. Furthermore, they have no unifying principle of identity, nor any objective standard of truth, around which to rally. As much as they are uncomfortable with certain current events, they are more uncomfortable with fully rejecting the narrative of “racism” and the other habits of thought they have learned.

It is clear that the American church has acted as a whore for several generations, going after the false god of equality. Therefore we should not be surprised that the American church will suffer increased persecution, as this is surely richly deserved. If there is no revival or reconstruction prior to the full implementation of Bolshevism, we as the faithful remnant must view our period of history as one of righteous refinement. God’s Word frequently speaks of periods of adversity in this way, showing that for the remnant, God’s wrath is a refining fire that tries our faith.

“The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold: but the Lord trieth the hearts.” (Proverbs 17:3)

“I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The Lord is my God.” (Zechariah 13:9)

“Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if need be, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations: That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.” (1 Peter 1:6-7)

The logical development of the principle of equality is clear: there will be less and less toleration of any deviation from the ideology of the new world order. Those who do not actively participate in fighting for “social justice” will be deplatformed, blacklisted and eventually killed. Of this I have no doubt. The coming persecution could very well resemble what took place in the early Soviet Union, with millions of the faithful clergy and laity tortured and murdered. We can draw no other conclusion from the crazed, hysterical behavior of left-leaning whites. In facing this reality we must cling to what God has revealed about such times. We are to patiently endure these persecutions, understanding that even here God continues his pruning and cultivation, preparing his people for a better day. Although our society and our false churches have brought about this calamity through their cowardice, laziness, and immaturity, great troubles can stimulate our growth as Christians and lead to spiritual maturity, and through our outward suffering we can receive increased consolation in Christ, consolation which we can share with one another. For as much as we are to be concerned about flourishing on earth according to God’s command, all temporal growth and maturity merely points to and prefigures our perfect growing up into Christ which will be accomplished in eternity.


  1. Tim Folke

    I enjoyed this essay! Though the writer, by his own admission, is ‘relatively young’ his perception of how the current dilemma had its roots many, many decades ago gives one the impression he witnessed them firsthand – a testament to his diligent study for sure.

    If one has studied logic one will recall the concept of a ‘false premise’. In this case, the false premise is the sacrosanct idea of ‘equality’. Yet God, Who loves diversity and unlike most humans really knows what true diversity is, made all races different – not equal – each with their gifts (areas of supremacy if I may be so bold to express it) as well as their shortcomings.

    The author here states “Embracing the concept of “racism” promotes destructive habits of thought. It teaches whites to always view black failure as somehow the result of unjust acts by whites, rather than as the result of God-ordained racial differences”. Yes, racial differences are in fact God-ordained, and it would behoove all peoples to recognize this.

    In the case of our Black brothers and sisters, no one denies they excel in certain sports; even the most die-hard leftist will choose Blacks over say Japanese to staff a basketball team. Yet Blacks, for the most part, have biological differences that make it difficult for them to integrate into a White or Asian society, the most salient being the frontal cortex of the brain, which on average is about 14% thinner than that of most Whites or Asians.

    This part of the brain governs the ability to restrain immediate gratification or anger. It is also the organ of creativity, a faculty most needed for those living in inhospitable climates. How Blacks are hardwired is the work of God and is not for us or them to judge. Yes, there are notable exceptions. Blacks have their Ben Carsons, while Whites have their Dumb and Dummers.

    The sad thing is that, proceeding from the false premise that all men are created equal, the West – especially America – has spent at least the last half century trying again and again to achieve harmonious integration contrary to the Laws of Nature. As has been said before, the best definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results.

    Perhaps racial separation needs to be explored. It would most certainly go a long ways to preserving the beauty of different races, not to mention enhancing cultural differences and bringing greater happiness to all the different tribes on this earth.

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