Cry Out in Prayer: This Could Be Just the Beginning

“the children of Israel groaned because of the bondage, and they cried out; and their cry came up to God because of the bondage.”
(Exodus 2:23)

The Coronavirus pandemic already seems like old news. Even the stories about the violent riots and looting following the death of George Floyd have faded to some degree. We are now witnessing a surreal cancel culture massacre, in which members of the mostly white woke left are ruining the lives and careers of those who show insufficient veneration for the new black idols. This massacre has frequently included the left eating their own, as they purge all those who dissent from the most radical positions. Activists are calling on scientific institutions to “challenge the notion of the meritocracy whereby ‘objective and neutral’ criteria infused with systemic racism are used to exclude Black people from physics.” A professor from UCLA has been suspended because he refused to allow black students to receive special treatment. Gone With the Wind had been canceled. Antifa anarchists have created an autonomous zone in Seattle.

There are some on the right who discuss these shocking developments with ridicule. Some also seem to suggest that this is an “implosion” of the left that will result in their downfall. Such reactions are misguided. The most alarming thing about these developments is that they have met with absolutely no resistance. It is not the left that is imploding, it is the hollowed out husk of Western Civilization. This is nowhere more evident than in the destruction of historical monuments. With perhaps a few exceptions, the statues that have been pulled down will not be put back again. There was no popular or institutional reflex to protect these important symbols. This is the response of a people that is already dead.

To truly grasp the danger of the situation, we must keep in mind how rapidly things are changing. Items from the far-left wishlist such as “police reform” are now being seriously considered by both Democrats and Republicans. There are many other leftist policies that have not yet made it into the current conversation, such as amnesty for illegal aliens, importing a new wave of “refugees,” and the enactment of “hate speech” laws, just to name a few. It would not be at all surprising if these “anti-racist” policies are quickly adopted during the present hysteria.

The brazen acts of Antifa should also not be minimized or discounted. The right-wing tendency to mock these individuals is not serving us well. Yes, it is true that most individual anarchists are pathetic and vicious, and often lacking in psychological stability. But the same is true of many successful communist revolutionaries in the past. In Dostoevsky’s novel Demons, we see that the communist revolutionaries of 19th century Russia are in many ways identical ideologically and psychologically to today’s anarchists, and they were eventually able to overthrow the Tsar. Furthermore, when people who are weak, pathetic and disgusting are walking all over you and spitting on everything you hold dear with impunity, this should not lead to any optimism or confidence in the strength of your own side. We should also not take any comfort in the fact that Antifa are the lackeys of the moneyed elite whom they claim to despise. I admit that it is a testament to the absolute stupidity of Antifa members that they cannot see that they practically have official corporate sponsorship; but the Russian communists also received financial and moral support from many Western capitalists. The fact that these violent radicals have strong backing from the 1% should not lead us to think that the elites will rein them in. The end goal of the capitalist elite is essentially the same as that of the “anarchists.” They both want the complete destruction of Christianity, the white race, the traditional family, etc.

Unsurprisingly, the response of our castrated pastors to the situation has been particularly disgusting. They offer nothing to challenge the advance of the left, and in fact promote what is happening. In the 20th century, communists murdered millions of Christians. We are witnessing a literal communist revolution on our streets, and Christian pastors are busy writing statements condemning the fake sin of “racism.” They would rather seek approval from the psychotic leftist lynch mob (which already hates them anyway) than preach the truth to their flock about the dangers of the coming persecutions. The original sin, so to speak, of modern Christianity is the importation of egalitarianism and democratic revolution into the worship of the God who loves hierarchy, distinction and order. As long as the Church clings to this sin, it will continue to lay the groundwork for its own destruction.

I began this article with Exodus 2:23, where we read that the children of Israel groaned and cried out to God because of their affliction. Later on in Exodus we read of God’s response to this cry:

“I have also heard the groaning of the children of Israel, whom the Egyptians keep in bondage; and I have remembered my covenant.”
(Exodus 6:5)

This speaks to the tremendous power of prayer, and reminds us of God’s faithfulness to his people. We therefore must not despair in our current situation, but we also must recognize how far America’s Christians are from praying in this way. They do not know what to pray for or how to pray. Most American Christians are either supporting the big lie of the BLM narrative, or they are resting in the false hope that Trump or some other Republican can correct the situation by sending in the troops. They have either completely accepted the world’s framing of our racial situation, or they are still hoping that victory can be found in the arm of the flesh. We as the Church must recognize exactly what we are suffering under (and it certainly is not an excess of “racism”). I believe that we are now closer to widespread persecution than we ever have been in this country. This persecution would be well-deserved, as our own sin and faithlessness to God is surely the primary cause of the collapse of our culture. Once we recognize this threat and our own role in creating it, then we can cry out to God in humility and self-conscious helplessness to save us from the impending disaster.

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