A White On White Conflict

With all of the recent news showing people of color rising up and making their voices heard, one could easily form the mistaken impression that we are in the midst of a struggle between the white and the colored races. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everything that is happening is a conflict between two factions within the white race.

Last week the LA Times published an article with the absurd title White tribalism is under assault — from white people. That’s an amazing development. It is unclear if the author and the editorial staff of the paper are being deliberately deceptive, or if they are just truly clueless. The entire history of the West from the 18th century to today has been marked by a series of conflicts in which utopian, apostate whites have been at war with white traditionalists. This has been the cause of the French Revolution, the American Civil War, the Russian Revolution and Wold War II, just to name a few historical events of which the staff at the Times should be aware.

Beginning in the 18th century, an ever growing number of whites have turned away from the Christian faith and have worshiped human reason in place of the true God, believing that human reason can bring about a heaven on earth. This sinful attitude is attractive to those who wish to set themselves up as the divine law-giver capable of determining good and evil. The apostasy from God’s revealed religion is accompanied by a hatred of the created order evident in nature, and the end result of worshipping human reason is a revolutionary assault on all traditional norms.

The colored races become props for the white revolutionaries in their efforts to destroy natural distinctions. Utopian whites can see non-whites simultaneously as “noble savages” who are superior in wisdom and as helpless victims of oppression who can only be saved by the good whites like them. In all cases the utopian whites never seek to understand the colored races as they really are or to respect their actual desires and needs. Rather, the white revolutionary treatment of people of color is based on fulfilling their own political and emotional needs. Thus in reality, BLM is not actually about black people. It is about the desires of utopian whites to enjoy an emotional high and harm traditional whites.

It is also important to recognize that blacks have no political agency. Their nature is such that they are incapable of organizing against a unified white race in any way. Their seeming triumphs are due exclusively to the efforts of utopian whites and their Jewish allies. This fact is actually recognized in the LA Times article mentioned above:

“Almost four years ago, after Donald Trump won the White House, I interviewed political scientist Dorian Warren to get his thoughts about that stunning turn of events. Among other things, I asked him about the larger meaning of the election, and what well-meaning Americans needed to do next. Warren, who runs the Center for Community Change Action, was blunt. ‘This is a white problem,’ he told me. ‘It’s up to white people to fix it. People of color have done everything they can.'”

Keep in mind that in the official media narrative, “racism” is the biggest social and moral problem in existence. It is everywhere, haunting every aspect of life and causing untold harm. And here the LA Times admits that white oppression is so powerful that non-whites have no hope of defeating it without white assistance!

The fact of non-white political impotence explains why utopian whites hate traditional whites with such passion. Ultimately they know that traditional whites are the only ones with enough political agency to thwart their revolutionary plans. Utopian whites obviously disapprove of many aspects of traditional non-white cultures, but these cultures are not threatening to them. This helps to explain the apparent contradiction of white utopians promoting the importation of reactionary Muslim migrants. It is not that the white utopians welcome Sharia law, it is that they are completely confident that their system of cultural revolution embedded in the media and the public schools will eventually turn the descendants of Muslim immigrants into feminists, homosexuals and atheists. And they are probably correct.

It is for similar reasons that white utopians have such uncontrollable loathing for Christianity when it is practiced by traditional whites. They easily tolerate Christianity, even somewhat reactionary Christianity, amongst non-whites, because it is not a threat. White Christianity does pose a threat, and perhaps even more importantly, it can remind the white utopian of his own sin. The white Christian presents to the white revolutionary a vision of what he could be if he were to repent of his godless pride and his myriad perversions. The non-white Christian does not do this in the same way, because the white revolutionary still sees non-whites as “the other,” even though he is too emotionally unstable when it comes to racial issues to consciously articulate this.

The perverted desire to revolt against God coupled with the natural genius of the white race has produced the most destructive human force in history. The bloodiest revolutions and wars have been fought because white utopians desire to remake the world in their own image. They have learned nothing from their past failures and are always ready to plunge the world into greater suffering. We should keep this in mind when attempting to heal society. Our complaints about black behavior, mass immigration, and even Jewish influence, should be secondary to the issue of white apostasy and the white predilection for abstract, revolutionary thinking.


  1. Tim Folke

    Thank you for this timely essay, Mr. Pulaski.

    History, as well as current events, show that our people – to a far, far greater degree than other races – are strong or weak to the extent they obey or disobey the God of the Bible. And, this God I speak of is not just the God of the Bible, but the God of Nature, that Being that gives the wolf his howl and the bear his growl, Who makes the flowers bloom in Spring and the leaves fall in Autumn.

    Our destiny – for better or worse – is inexorably tied to our relationship the Creator. Hence the blossoming moral, physical and spiritual health of such countries as Russia and Hungary, and the descent into nightmarish decadence of such countries as America and England.

    Yes, there is hope for some of us at least. Perhaps it will come by way of a Balkanization of America as well as other places our folk dwell. But, do not look for ‘taking America back’, for there is no going back. Remember, time and again as recorded both in Scripture and as demonstrated throughout history, God has always dealt in REMNANTS. Our God has always preferred quality over quantity. Perhaps that sounds ‘un-American’ but God’s ways are not our ways.

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