Free E-Book: Radical Americanism

We live in an age that calls for radical political ideas. The liberal consensus that has ruled the West since the mid-20th century is growing progressively chaotic and more desperate. The fruits of multiculturalism, non-white immigration, and Jewish cultural domination are becoming ever more nauseating and obnoxious, and traditionally-minded whites are looking for an alternative. In this book I hope to make the case for one such alternative: radical Americanism.

Happy Independence Day!



  1. Tim Folke

    This book is quite worthwhile taking the time to read, whether for confirmation of current convictions, historical education, and/or tools to use in an honest debate with those who – while disagreeing with us – are still truth seekers.

    The author draws on the thoughts (by way of quotes) of many others who have gone before us. As it is factual, the author can assume any attacks will simply be by way of name-calling, since the facts he cites cannot be disputed. (Yes, they can be denied, but not honestly disputed). If that does occur, I trust the author will take such attacks as the highest form of compliment.

    The last few pages (pages 213 to the end) sums it all up quite nicely. Thank you, Mr. Pulaski!

  2. H.M.

    Something off topic:

    My sister in law seems to be going sjw and has some influence in my family. Now she has taken up critical race theory (critical whiteness, white privilege, anti-whiteness etc.).

    I grant some truth to some ideas and one should not hate other people or show partiality. But this seems to be an ideology that can destroy people, relationships, mental health and thus all hope.

    I fear for my marriage, my safety, my sanity and for the ethnic identity of my future children and nieces and nephews.

    Prayers are appreciated! Thanks.

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