The Normalization of Pedophilia Is Here

Numerous news articles over the last few weeks have shown that the horrors of 2020 are to include the mainstreaming of pedophilia, or, as it is being framed by the media, the liberation of “childhood sexuality.”

The distribution by Netflix of the French film “Cuties” has generated the most outrage. The media is calling opposition to the film a “right-wing panic.”  In a very telling headline, the British newspaper The Telegraph claims that the reaction to the film highlights that we live in  “an age terrified of child sexuality.” This headline admits that the film does sexualize children, and it further classifies opposition to child sexuality as an irrational “phobia.” This obviously echoes the successful use of the term “homophobia” to slander opponents of sodomy. We should not be surprised if “fear of child sexuality” enters the woke lexicon, together with phrases such as “white fragility” and “toxic masculinity.”

Other notable instances of mainstreaming pedophilia include the release of sexualized children’s toys. The producers of these toys laughably suggest that this controversy is all the result of a misunderstanding, and that there was no intent to include any sexually inappropriate features. It seems obvious that they are merely testing the waters to see how fast they can go in spreading this new perversion.

We also must be aware of the fact that while public promotion of pedophilia is relatively new, there were already political elites who allowed the state-sanctioned sexual abuse of children decades ago. While largely ignored in the Western media, RT has recently published articles about the victims of Helmut Kentler, the German sexologist who conspired with the Berlin Senate to deliberately place foster children in the care of known child molesters.

Many conservatives are rightfully sickened and outraged at these developments, but as is typically the case, there is a very limited understanding of the underlying causes.

Over a century ago, the academic establishment largely embraced the  sexual theories of Sigmund Freud. Freud and his followers openly taught that prepubescent sexuality is natural, and that patriarchal and capitalistic society suppresses this sexuality as a control mechanism. Although certain of the details of Freud’s theories have been criticized, the general tendency of his teaching has not been challenged in academia for decades. Conservatives had many years to reform academia before this Freudian poison fully spilled over into wider society, but they neglected to do so. Thus the logic of “child sexuality as political liberation” has been entrenched for years, and the recent promotion of pedophilia is simply the outworking of this logic.

An even deeper problem can be seen in the conditions that allowed Freud’s ideas to enter the academic mainstream in the first place. Prior to Freud came Darwin. When Western intellectuals accepted Darwin, sexual behavior was no longer defined by God’s revealed law, but by human theories about what is “natural” to mankind. Darwinian evolutionism and Freudian sexology are attractive to fallen man for the same reason. They both flatter and justify the pride of the mind and the lust of the flesh. And these two great sins infect many on the right as well as the left. Many “conservatives” are opposed to pedophilia, but they cling fiercely to the right of heterosexuals to engage in promiscuous sex prior to marriage. Even Tucker Carlson, seen by many as the only true voice for conservatives in the mainstream, is seriously compromised on this issue, as is seen by his close friendship with brothel owner Dennis Hoff.

We read in the Scriptures,

Be  not  deceived;  God  is  not  mocked:  for  whatsoever  a  man  soweth,  that  shall  he  also  reap. For  he  that  soweth  to  his  flesh  shall  of  the  flesh  reap  corruption;  but  he  that  soweth  to  the Spirit  shall  of  the  Spirit  reap  life  everlasting.” (Galatians 6:7-8)

The conservatives who refuse to live by God’s standard of purity are now reaping corruption, as are the Christians who constantly retreat and refuse to take dominion in academia.


  1. Tim Folke

    In other news, California is considering legislation, sponsored by representative Scott Wiener (a self-admitted Jewish homosexual) to soften or eliminate penalties for pedophilia.

    I believe the reason more people do not speak up is for fear of economic loss (being fired by their big employer) It is no coincidence that one of the outcomes of the COVID19 plandemic was the destruction of many small family-run businesses.

    If the Lord tarries, I think innocent animals will be next. .

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