Report From South Africa: The Boers at Senekal

October has been a rather tumultuous and emotional month for the Boers in South Africa. At the start of the month, a young Afrikaner man named Brendin Horner was tortured and murdered on the farm where he worked. His murderers hung his dead body up on a pole and this is how his family found him. I believe the way in which Horner was murdered, and especially the fact that he was hung up like a trophy, particularly stirred up the emotions among the Boer people.

Naturally, a response followed. On the morning of the 6th of October, a few days after his murder, the accused were to appear in court in the town of Senekal in the Free State province of South Africa. A gathering of Boers was organized in the town near the court building where their first hearing was scheduled to take place.

I left early in the morning to be there by 9 am, when the proceedings were scheduled to start. While the event was appropriately opened by a minister who read from the Bible and spoke a few words, his message was somewhat demoralizing, and knowing pastors like I do, I can’t help but think that it was deliberate. At a gathering made up of Boers fed-up with suffering a violent genocide at the hands of black people, he claimed that “our battle against the murders is spiritual, not physical”, “I bring you the same message that Angus Buchan and all the preachers in this country have brought you for years” and that “a Boer is someone who serves the Lord, no matter if he is black or white”. Angus Buchan is a popular South African preacher, who, despite all the good he does, still loudly proclaims that the multicultural empire that is modern day South Africa is in line with God’s will. Yet, we know all too well from Scripture and history that multiculturalism is an abomination to God and a means used by his enemies to advance antichrist agendas.

Also, how is this not functional Gnosticism? We are talking about violent attacks on not only men, but especially the elderly, women and children here. This is to be violently opposed and using the Biblical teaching that our enemy’s attack is based in spiritual warfare to relativize this duty – especially in the current climate – is treasonous against God and his children among the Boer people.

Thankfully, it would soon become apparent that virtually no one present paid any attention to what the preacher said. For on that day, I witnessed a degree of intensity from the normally calm and collected Boer community that I had never seen before in my entire life.

The event itself was very emotional, of course. Horner’s family and friends were present. Apart from the preacher, most of the speakers spoke well, but on the other hand they simply reiterated the same lines we’ve heard a thousand times before. It has, after all, been over twenty years since the Boers have started saying “enough is enough” regarding the ongoing genocide. The highlight of the event itself was when a representative from the liberal Democratic Alliance political party got an opportunity to speak. Shortly after he started you could hear shouts from a visibly irritated crowd: “what are you doing here?” “Traitor!” “Go away!”. Everyone seemed to know that this liberal party is only here to try and win a few votes, as they have a track record of supporting the Cultural Marxist agenda. As emotions continued to boil over, he was eventually physically removed from the stage and we proceeded to the next speaker, who was much better received.

Shortly thereafter the event was officially over and I was still speaking with some friends as I prepared to head back to my truck and head back home, when suddenly I heard someone shout: “They stormed the court!” The courthouse was located just under half a mile from where we were gathering. As I approached I heard shouting and the rumbling of tractors near the courthouse. A police van speeded down the street nearly overrunning a few of the Boers at the court’s entrance. When I arrived the Boers had already managed to enter the court after someone apparently shouted: “let’s go get them” [the murderers]. The police reacted by firing three warning shots inside the building. As the Boers retreated, they remained on the premises, shouting and demanding justice and an end to the bloodshed on our people. They were shouting at the police partially because it is well-known that in that district, there are a few dirty cops working together with the crime syndicates. The police reacted by firing stun grenades at us. I will admit that I got scared at that moment as I initially thought someone was firing gunshots into the crowd. I can only imagine what would have happened if the Boers and police started shooting at each other.

Nonetheless, the Boers reacted again. This time a group of 30 odd men teamed up to physically overthrow a police van. The police, thankfully remained calm at that point and didn’t react again apart from guarding the courthouse and the murderers. In the midst of all this, it was pointed out to us that although this entire siege happened spontaneously, someone from the Boer side had the presence of mind and ability to strategically place snipers at four locations around the courthouse. Four armed men were positioned a couple of dozen yards back from the action, ready to start shooting if the police had fired a shot at the Boers.

As things gradually cooled down, people started to leave the scene and head home. I did too. Shortly after I left, there was apparently a car chase, with Boers in their trucks and cars chasing after a police van!

One can argue that storming the courthouse was a little pointless and yes, your minister and psychologist would condemn the behavior of the Boers. But what I witnessed on that day was nothing short of inspiring. Anyone honest with themselves would agree that, especially in this century, the Afrikaner-Boer people have been too passive, rather than too aggressive in our response to the genocide and suppression we are suffering. Taking this into consideration, what I saw in Senekal on 6 October was like a fresh breeze. The representatives of the people at Senekal on that day had clearly reached the point of retaliation. The days of passively enduring of this are over.
The event was of course widely covered in the mainstream media and caught the attention of the whole people. It has also made international headlines throughout the world.

The ethnic tension in this country has, since that day, been tangible in a way it hasn’t been ever before. There are even rumors of civil war breaking out. For my part I hope it doesn’t, but if it does, I hope that we can strategically engage in it in a sensible way – that is by focusing on defending our property, territory, families and institutions with the purpose of seceding from this failing multicultural empire. Secession is the only way for us to once again be a God-fearing people under a God-fearing government – one shining the light of Christ for the whole world to see.

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