The 2020 Election and the Mirage of Polarization

Although the final outcome of the 2020 election still seems somewhat uncertain, it is safe to make some observations from a Christian nationalist perspecitve. We must begin with the admission that no matter who ends up being declared the winner, this election must be viewed as a catastrophe. Most significantly, the election results have revealed that there has been no national repentance or religious revival during the last four years. Our nation has continued its slide into apostasy, and we can only expect more judgment from God’s hand in the coming years. As Christian nationalists, it would be beneficial to focus less on specific political happenings and more on the key question, what does our nation think about Christ. I certainly do not dispute the allegations that the democrats are cheating, but we should avoid the tendency amongst the right-wing media to focus obsessively on this issue. After all, old-fashioned ballotbox stuffing is almost quaint when living in a society that accepts child trannies. Focusing on the minutia of polling and vote counting obscures just how completely rotten our society actually is.

While 2020 did not see a return to Christ, it did see a disturbing amplification of the “great awokening” in the mass BLM street riots and the mainstream embrace of woke “anti-racism” ideology. This election showed that many white men actually love wokenss and want more of it. Polling suggests that in 2020 Trump did get a much larger share of the non-white vote, but his support amongst white males has collapsed compared with 2016. There was no anti-BLM backlash. Trump performed more poorly in Minnesota and Wisconsin than he did in 2016, two states that saw the worst of BLM rioting. The whites in these states did not run into the arms of “law and order” republicans in response to woke demands to abolish the police. These facts undermine one of the favorite delusions on the far-right, the hope that the left will simply “push things too far” and then the white masses will spontaneously revolt. Whites love wokeness because racial egalitarianism is their false god, and they will zealously do anything to serve it. Almost all “conservative” whites who claim to reject wokeness worship the same idol, and their most cherised arguments against wokeness are centered on the claim that “free market individualism” will be more effective at bringing about equality.

Prior to election night, it occurred to me that my emotional investment in the outcome had almost completely disappeared. This caused me to recall that prior to 2016, the entire dissident right was basically apathetic towards mainstream politics. I cannot remember staying up late into the night waiting for the 2012 election results to come in. I did not care about the results because I knew that they were meaningless from our perspective, as both parties are completely controlled by globalist interests bent on our destruction. In 2016, Trump at least presented the possiblity of disrupting the status quo, with his campaign talk of banning Muslim immigration, ending or renegotiating our participation with NATO, ending “free trade,” etc. By 2020, however, it should have become clear that Trump was actually governing as any mainstream republican would. His only tangible “victories” were advancing a Zionist foreign policy, tax-cuts, and appointing useless supreme court justices who refuse to actually overturn any progressive precedents. The ongoing presentation in the media of Trump as some kind of populist madman is a complete distortion of reality.

Over the last four years, many pundits have been pushing the narrative that our country is becoming increasingly polarized, possibly even heading towards civil war. This narrative has been absorbed by the population, and is now a common topic of conversation. However, we must clearly recognize that this narrative is in many respects untrue. The increased polarization is based almost entirely on subjective emotions, not substantive policy disagreement. I would argue that there is actually much less policy disagreement between the two parties and their voters than there has been for the last twenty years. For example, in the Bush years, the democrats at least pretended that they were anti-war, and many in their base were genuinely opposed to Zionist “regime change.” The republicans at least pretended that they were going to fight homosexuality with a constitutional amendment banning “gay marriage.” Today, practically everyone in Washington is a foreign policy hawk and accepts homosexuality. Indeed, many now express the desire to use American military might to force the acceptance of homosexuality on traditional societies around the globe. The “radical right-wing” president dances to songs by the Village People at his campaign rallies, to the cheers of his followers. The republicans have already given up the fight against transgenderism, and the “conservative” response to the transgender phenomenon has been to promote pro-Trump trannies like “Lady MAGA.” Even on economic issues the differences are disappearing, as there is no longer any substantive debate on the national debt or health care.

Therefore from a policy perspective, the Trump years have been a time of great unity, and yet the media and the political elite are constantly pushing the population to believe that we are living in an era of unprecedented polarization. Why are they pushing this fake polarization? At this point I can merely speculate, but I suspect that it has to do with maintaining loyalty to the two-party system. I believe that the elites are genuinely worried about a populist movement, either from the left or the right. Trump and Bernie Sanders both threatened to turn voters against their respective parties. This desire for actual populist policy can be disrupted by focusing voters on emotional polarization. Thus the left-wing and right-wing media present every election as a life or death struggle, in which the opposite side is presented as being so evil, that we cannot afford the luxury of demanding ideological purity on our own side (e.g., “we have to support Biden instead of Bernie, because Trump is literally Hitler and must be defeated”, or “we can’t give up on Trump no matter how poorly he has governed, because the democrats are literally communists”). We can also conclude that a population completey absorbed by emotional conflict while ignoring policy would simply be much easier to control.

I have seen various people on social media claiming that no matter who is finally declared the winner of the election, the losing side will think that the winner is illegitimate, and that this scenario will destablize our government. Once again, however, this betrays the right-wing hope that the system will just collapse on its own. The elites who control our system have manufactured this polarization. Trump ceased to be a threat to globalist policy a long time ago (if he ever actually was). The media and political elites could have presented the (true) narrative that the democrats and republicans in Washington are working together closely to achieve their unified goal, but they decided not to paint this picture. The BLM phenomenon was not an example of the left “going too far” or “going crazy,” but rather the logical outcome and cathartic satisfaction of the most cherised belief amonst contemporary whites. I do not see the current system as being anywhere close to “collapse.” The system is probably stronger now than it ever has been, and we should not expect a change until our people have experienced a radical change of heart.


  1. Tim Folke

    Very realistic essay!

    Regardless of the outcome of this and future elections, we are in for a hot ride. So what? Let us have courage and be a witness to our Lord.

    I have learned over the years it is far preferable to incur the wrath of man than the wrath of God.

  2. Scott Craig Mooney

    ‟The whites in these states did not run into the arms of ‛law and order’ republicans in response to woke demands to abolish the police. These facts undermine one of the favorite delusions on the far-right, the hope that the left will simply ‛push things too far’ and then the white masses will spontaneously revolt. Whites love wokeness because racial egalitarianism is their false god, and they will zealously do anything to serve it.‟

    Well, most whites that I know are not at all zealous about serving the false god of egalitarianism. Most whites that I know do not love “wokeness.” And most do not even know what “wokeness” means. Your salient point is that Trump has served the Globalist interest as much as had all Presidents before him back at least to the Korean War, and even, credibly, before. Thus, Trump is not our Savior. We get that.

    White city-dwellers are taken-in by “wokeness.” But there is a large population of rural whites who are not taken in. We do not love it, and we are not zealous to serve it. Just to let you know that we are here, and we are not going away.

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