Start Homesteading Now (Get Ready While You Still Can)

Hans and Anna rant about the need to get ready now, and start homesteading. If we want to be free to obey the word of God in the coming years, we will need to be separated from the world’s system. The time to start preparing is now, not at the last minute when things start to get really bad. Having a few chickens or ducks is a good start to get your feet wet, but it ain’t gonna help you survive off the system unless you combine it with many other skills, and build a Christian Agrarian Community wherein there is mutual support and dependence, together under Christ.

Start Homesteading Now- Audio MP3 Version


  1. Tim Folke

    Thank you Hans & Anna. I know many of us have been advising this same thing for some years now. I only hope it is not too late, as getting out the the big cities and reestablishing a family in a rural or semi-rural setting cannot be done overnight, or perhaps even in a year’s time.

    I know some folks are worried about the ‘wilds’. My wife and I live in a fairly remote area and, yes, we have our share of wolves, big cats, and even the occasional grizzly. Still, having lived in a big city at one time, I’ll take the four legged predators over the two-legged ones any day.

    Blessings to you and yours!


    1. Post
      Hans Gygax

      Many blessings to you also, Tim. I agree about the predators. Would rather live in a little fear of some wild animals than the likes of tyrannical government and corporations.

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